Student Body

<p>What are the students like at CC? What is the social atmosphere like?</p>

<p>shimmer - son is a senior. so far as i can tell, students are bright (you would expect that), engaged, outdoorsy, and outgoing. cc seems to select students with at least some aspect of the "cool factor" or those who have quirky backgrounds or interests. no nerds allowed. i can not really comment on social atmosphere but this does not seem to be a heavy dating campus, most seem to hang with friends of both sexes.</p>

<p>Do you think most students stay in Colorado after graduation?</p>

<p>I don't have figures but I doubt the majority of graduates stay in Colorado. CC draws students from all over the country. It has one of the highest Peace Corps volunteer rates of any small school (#6 in 2011 according to the Washington Monthly).</p>

<p>My 2007 Colorado College 2011 grad S has been in Asia working since graduation. </p>

<p>S got together with another CC grad (2007) who lives and works in Taipai. Went to visit another 2011 grad who is working in Thailand.</p>