Student Center...Appointment window vs. Orientation

<p>I'm in Humec (PAM major) so I was pre-enrolled in 4 classes.</p>

<p>Intro. to Sociology
Population & Public Policy
Intro. to Policy Analysis
Psych 101</p>

<p>I want to drop Intro. to Sociology to replace it with Intro Microecon. I also want to add German 1 because I want to start with the language early on.</p>

<p>Can I drop Sociology during my appt. window? And can I add another class during my appt. window as well? If I even wanted to drop 2 classes, could I do it during my appt. window or do I have to wait til Orientation?</p>

<p>You could do it during your appointment window, which is pretty much when everyone else is going to do theirs as well.</p>