Student Council Election

<p>I am considering running for vice president of my class. I have started to talk with my friends about a possible run and what they see as the main issues ect. My oppenent is widly unpopular, people view him as an obnoxious, wannabe jerk. People think that he's an elitist. I personelly have no problem with him. I am innvolved in lots of school activities and for the most part move easily between different social groups. I am wondering what sort of stratagy would work to unseat him? I am also wondering if anyone has any general election advice/past expierence? Please feel free to im me with any ideas at chriscraftt1 .</p>

<p>Thanks alot, I appreciate it!</p>

<p>Ah, another victim of the ever-so-unfair Student Council. Student Council election is just a simple popularity vote between kids, and I advise you not to stress too much on it :D If you think you have a better social network within your school, you are more likely to get the position you want. Good luck anyways!
Oh, remember to make some really catchy posters. Definitely helps :)</p>

<p>Funny, memorable speeches are key. People don't want to think that they vote by popularity, so they try to justify their vote. A good speech is all the rationalization any delusional student needs :P</p>

<p>Offer change and hope. It has worked really well in another glorified popularity contest.</p>

<p>I would reccommend pins; they're easy to pass out and for some reason people like them. I used them this year and won, but then again I, like you, know a lot of people and move easily between the social groups. I would also tell your friends to put your name out there because there will be a lot of people who won't know the candidates (if it is just you and this other guy) and if they don't know you personally, but they recognize your name you will probably get their vote. I would also agree the posts above about the posters and speeches. Make sure you have a catchy slogan and your posters are bright and flashy.</p>

<p>At my school a lot of people actually know a lot of the things that I've done for student government, which is really nice. I ran for sophomore class president without being very well known, but I gave a short speech outlining my love and dedication to the school and people responded. I got reelected for junior year, and my odds are pretty good for student body president. My point is, if you have a record then go off of that, if you don't then find a gimmick.</p>

<p>[Insert zarathustra's joke here]</p>

<p>zarathustra's joke?</p>

<p>Just be genuine in your speech. It's not all about popularity (at least not at my school-I got a TON of votes and I was the new kid!), so just...keep it real. Tell them if you have other commitments (sports, clubs, etc) and that you will prioritize to make every council meeting. At my school all you do is a speech, no campaigning or anything, so I don't know about that, but do put work into your speech. Gimmicks can work (we had one boy do the Braveheart speech last year complete with costume), but they can turn people off too. But just be nice, and honest with what you want, and it should all work out.</p>

<p>I can't believe what happened in my student council election last year. It angers me completely. For each position there were 2 or 3 people, and there was one good person running for each, so fine. Then, these 4 friends, who are the lowest of the class, who drink, and cause trouble, decided they were each going to run for one of the 4 positions. Finally, an additional person ran for president, and that particular person is failing about every class, is highly unpopular, and has a lot of political views that people hate. So guess who won? The president is the only good person (she is about the nicest person in our class), and the other 3 positions were won by... guess who? 3/4 of the stupid but popular kids.</p>

Funny, memorable speeches are key.


You can sit there and do nth during the speech and be elected since you're the most popular guy/girl in school.</p>

<p>The thing is, generally Student Council is seen by the smart pplz as a ticket to college, and is seen by dumb pplz as an opportunity to vote for your friends. There are a select few (like me) who genuinely care about fighting for the students. If you show the students you care, and you really do care, then that's what will be the determining factor. I am not particularly popular in my school but I won two years in a row (going for a third). But yeah, don't run just for the resume, run because you care ^^</p>

<p>hah this is going on at our school right now (way to bump up a 2 year old thread) it's stupid because they just beg for votes and they don't do **** anyways,</p>

<p>my school's student government is run by stoners and whores</p>