Student / Faculty ratio

<p>Hey guys & girls,</p>

<p>Just wanted to know the student to faculty ratio for the MS and/or PHD degree here at Gatech if anyone could give me an approximate it will be much appreciated</p>

<p>Thanks for the Help!</p>

<p>If you want a literal student/faculty ratio:</p>

<p>912 faculty
6776 graduate students
= 7.4 grad student / faculty</p>

<p>What you're probably asking is the number of students / advisor in MS and PhD programs. That will depend on the program.</p>

<p>I'm going to do the MSECE program, and wanted to know the ratio for students versus professors, hence, student/faculty ratio... With that information I will have an idea of how much of interaction will I be able to get with professors</p>

<p>interaction with the professor varies by professor. If you get GRA position with head of department professor, expect that you will likely to report and see post-doc student under that professor most of the time. Just depends on professors.</p>