Student Fees/Financial Aid Question

<p>One of the requirements on the "Steps to Enrollment" section of the admission website says to pay for your student fees before September 15. Right now my BARC account is billed $4459.38 (contract fee, orientation fee, fall undergrad fee, and undergrad health insurance fee). </p>

<p>My question is does all this money really need to be paid by September 15? I have not received my financial aid letter on the UCSB FinAid website and I heard that you don't get it until a few weeks before school starts (Close to Sept 15 I assume). So if you don't get your award letter by that late, I am assuming you won't get any financial aid either until that time.. Which is most likely pass the fee deadline. </p>

<p>Or does the student fees for the September 15 deadline only refer to your contract fee and orientation fee?</p>

<p>Just pay whatever is on your BARC and if you get any finaid and you already paid already, they'll just cut you a check for however much you were given for fall quarter.</p>

<p>That's my dilemma. My family can't pay 4,400 right now.</p>

<p>Based on last year, the fees were posted a few days before any finaid came in. So if you get any finaid, it'll start dispersing sometime during the next two weeks. </p>

<p>If you're still concerned, you can call the finaid office tomorrow I think 8-1130? 1-4pm at (805) 893-2432 (I think those are the correct hours). Call at 10 and 11, 2-4 and you are sure to get though (they won't be at lunch, but it might be busy though).</p>

<p>Umm.. On my Barc it says i owe 4,081.38 for 0014:Non-Res Undergrd-New and 7,341.00 for 0092:Non-Resdnt Tuition-UG... Why does it say non resident? im dorming at the school residence halls.... so confused. >.></p>

<p>@hakyo are you from out of state? if so, that may be why it says non-resident. if not, no idea.</p>

<p>Does anyone know if the Gold & Blue Opportunity Plan will cover the0011:CA Res U/G Fees-New ? And does it cover Books? I'm a little confused.</p>

<p>If you get any finaid, they will apply it to your BARC account. So if you're given $a in whatever finaid, and you owe $b because of x, y, and z fees, they will $(b-a) = $c where c can be a positive or negative number. Depending on c, you will either have to pay more or you will get a check for c value.</p>

<p>Gold and Blue Opp Plan doesn't "cover" books. It'll just pay how ever much you're given. Then if you over paid BARC, you get a check and theoretically, you can use that check to help pay for books.</p>