Student football ticket waiting list

<p>Has anyone who put their name on the waiting list this morning received a ticket yet from the donated ticket bank?</p>

<p>For those who did this last year, how late into the week did it usually take before you received a ticket?</p>

<p>I got up right at 6 when it opened up and did it and haven't received a ticket yet, so I doubt really anyone has.</p>

<p>D texted to say she was up at 6 and put her name on the list. Guess we'll see; if she doesn't get one I will give up mine from the ones we bought for Parent's Weekend. I'd like to go but it would be pretty mean for DH, D2 & I to go & leave her out.</p>

<p>Same here. I'll let you know. However, there really isn't a rush for people to donate tickets, since they have until Friday at 5 pm before they get a penalty, so I'm not expecting to hear back until Wednesday or so. Thankfully I have a backup plan, since my friend knows several people selling tickets for 15 dollars or so.</p>

<p>A year ago, my son would put his name on the waitlist. Sometimes, he would get one by late Monday or Tuesday. Other times, he waited until the end of the week. Plans will change all week for students, so there really is no set time when you will receive a ticket. He got to go to every game as a freshman, including Homecoming. The changes of getting a ticket because you got up so early are probably good.</p>

<p>Comatose son slept through his alarm and didn't get his name on the list until 6:45. How big a hole do you think he's put himself in, momreads? Did your son ever log in that late and still get a ticket?</p>

<p>I would think this may be the one game that should easier to get tickets for since some kids will be going away for the long weekend.</p>

<p>Look for emails where kids will be selling their tickets.</p>

<p>Sometimes the system waits until a weekday to start giving out donated tickets. I know last year that you had until the end of 3rd quarter to donate your ticket before getting a penalty. I often waited a couple hours after the my football ticket tab opened to request a ticket and always got a ticket. I remember waiting a couple hours to request an LSU ticket and didn't get a donated ticket until 2 hours prior to the game (request that they call/text you about a donated ticket). Student tickets for the LSU game last year were running up to $225 each, so I was lucky.</p>

<p>Thanks for the info, m2ck and SEA_tide.</p>

<p>Sea_tide are you saying to request the next game's ticket before Sunday morning?</p>

<p>Do kids who have the tickets as part of their package have to do anything special, or does the ticket just show up on their ACT card?</p>

<p>You cannot request a ticket before 6 am Central Time on the Sunday before game day.</p>

<p>If a student has a ticket for that game, all they need to do is show up to the game with their ACT card. It is also possible for them to go on the My Football Ticket tab and double check that they have a ticket, which is the same process as requesting/donating/transferring a ticket except that they don't click on any of the buttons to request/donate/transfer a ticket.</p>

<p>So, there is a way to confirm that you do actually have the ticket?</p>

<p>Son purchased Package B, but we didn't know if he had to go to the ticket office to actually pick up a ticket, or swipe his ACT card in order to get the ticket put on there.</p>

<p>MyBama is down right now, but I'll tell him to check during the week to make sure his ticket is there okay.</p>

<p>It wouldn't be on myBama. Tell your son to go to this site and log in with his myBama information.</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Once logged in, click on the "My Football Ticket" tab on the upper right-hand corner of the page. The following page will look like this:</p>


Ticketless Football</p>

<p>Upcoming Home Game vs. San Jose State</p>

<p>Welcome to the My Football Ticket system.</p>

<p>Current Ticket Balance: 1


<p>If current ticket balance is 1, he has a ticket and need only take his ACT card to get in the game.</p>

<p>Thanks, feenotype. Found it. He has a ticket balance of 1, so I guess it's there on his ACT card. There were also the options for transferring and donating there as well, in case anyone is interested in using that option.</p>

<p>BTW, where do the students sit? Do they sit on the lower levels, or will they be up high as well? Do they have assigned seats, or is it general admission?</p>

<p>Students sit in the student section which includes both lower & upper levels this year. Generally the seats run from the 15 yard line thru the south endzone in the lower bowl and about a 1/3rd of the south upper deck endzone.</p>

<p>There is a new club this year called "High Tide" which is an incentive for kids to join and sit in the upper deck endzone. They get their own express gate (which is a huge bonus) and have a reserved section, as well as a few other amenities.</p>

<p>Of course the trade-off for not having to wait in line for an hour and a half is that you don't get to sit in the lower bowl near the 15 yard line. Still not a bad deal if you join it with a few friends.</p>

<p>That sounds great about the amenities for the upper level. Where did you find out about that? Id like to learn more about it. I'm glad they are incentivizing seating in that area.</p>

<p>UA</a> | SGA</p>

<p>Just got a call from D and she just got notified that she got a ticket off of the waiting list! She signed up at 6 a.m on Sunday.</p>

<p>Congrats, Peachtide! Are y'all coming to Family Weekend? Hope to see you there!</p>