Student Football Tickets: Worth the $$?

<p>So, I know the Spartans are big on football and I definitely have friends that love going to the games. </p>

<p>What are your thoughts on going to the football games? In your opinion, is it worth the $136 for 7 home games? On a side, if you can describe your experiences at the games to give me an idea as to what it's like seeing the games as a student.</p>

<p>I am a big football fan (not so much MSU just yet, lol), but I'm aware that $$ is definitely involved and am also trying to balance on how to spend that money :P. Figured, I would at least ask for some opinions.</p>

<p>Appreciate the input :)</p>

<p>I just bought season tickets and I'm not a huge fan of Spartan football yet either. I grew up a wolverine fan...haha. But from what my friends who go to state tell me, it's a really good time! I also have a couple of friends going to Michigan and Penn State next year and they paid 100-200 dollars more for their season tickets! So I think it's a pretty good deal. It just means I won't have as much to spend on clothing haha :D</p>

<p>It's SOOOOO worth it. A lot of people who don't even follow sports end up getting football tickets just for the experience. The zillions of students packed in the stadium, the ridiculous cheers and chants we have, the dedication of students waiting outside at the games hours before they even start, painting their stomachs, students stumbling into the games plastered, tailgating, the intensity of last minute plays, the silly contests, Zeke the wonder dog, watching Sparty do his tricks, the MSU marching band/drumline etc. All of it makes the game worth it (rain or shine). It doesn't hurt that our football team has been pretty awesome in recent years. I highly recommend getting tickets at least for one year - if you decide that the games aren't for you, it is super easy to sell off tickets from your season pass individually (ie if you resell your Michigan state vs. UofM ticket, you could get well over a hundred dollars for it).</p>

<p>Appreciate the responses. I did get the season tix package and the Michigan and Wisconsin games should be pretty cool. The 2012 home schedule with Notre Dame, Nebraska, and Ohio State coming in should be cool as well.</p>

<p>Now, we'll have to work on the Spartan fandom haha :D</p>

<p>nice. Even if you aren't initially a huge MSU fan at first, the Spartans grow on you quickly (largely because of the infectiousness of school spirit here). There are plenty of MSU students who grew up Wolverine fans (eww) but have converted relatively seemlessly :D</p>