Student Health Plan--Prescription Limit

<p>Just wanted to suggest that parents look very closely at the coverage provided by the AU health insurance plan before signing up. We chose to enroll D because the cost appeared to be less than her previous plan, but foolishly made some assumptions and didn't read far enough. There is a $2500 annual limit on prescriptions, which sounds like a lot, but can be blown through quickly if your student regularly takes any of the many very expensive medications that are not available in generic form. (Some can cost $500 month or more, but if you have decent prescription coverage and are paying just a $30 co-pay, you probably don't realize how crazy the actual costs can be.) Worse, under the plan, the costs you incur after the $2500 in coverage is exhausted do not count toward the annual out-of-pocket maximum. This is the poorest prescription coverage I've ever seen (and between H and myself we've participated in many plans over the years). I would expect AU would be able to do better with a group as low risk as college students, but I guess not. In any event, caveat emptor.</p>

<p>yeah I saw that limit so i decided to stay in my dad's insurance plan</p>