Student Intent to Register: Please help me!

<p>hello all!
I got into UCLA as an Electrical Engineering major :) , but I didn't get into Berkeley which really has an outstanding Engineering department. So, I appealed to Berkeley in Early April.
On their admission status site it says, "we'll try to post a decision by May 1st" (notice the word TRY). Being that SIR for UCLA is May 2nd, I am in a bit of quandary because the deadline is drawing near: Accepting admission for two UC's will automatically cancel both admissions. However if I wait to the last minute, there's a greater probablity that something will go wrong with the server because so many people will be filling out their SIR's as well. I definitley do NOT want to miss the deadline. Does anyone know if I there are separate rules for those who are still waiting for their appeals decisions. Can I accept UCLA admission now and (if by chance I get into Berkeley) at some point cancel it? </p>

<p>if you know something i don't know, please let me know! ;) Thanx</p>

<p>It's possible to send two positive SIRs to UCs without any consequences with the exception of you losing out on $100, but other than that, there's nothing wrong with sending two positive SIRs.</p>

<p>I don't believe so. On the UCLA form, it clearly indicates that accepting multiple acceptances can jeopardize admission.</p>

thanks for even responding! I just found out that I did NOT get Berkeley because space for engineering is extremely limited.
But that doesn't matter since UCLA has a much nicer campus, is in a better area, and the living conditions are a lot better. thanx again! LA here I come!</p>

<p>This is IMP: Sending the SIR to two UCs will get you kicked out from both, I agree with ucapp05. Please DO NOT MAKE THAT MISTAKE.</p>

<p>Thank you for letting me know! but I knew that before. I was just asking if there was a special process for appeals. But oh well, I'm going to UCLA :)</p>