Student Life at Villanova

So I applied early to Villanova, and for a while it was my top school. But now I’m seeing everyone talk about how Villanova is a dead school with no partying and social life. Is that true? How much partying is there? Is it really a dead school because I can’t be doing nothing in my dorm 24/7- I need to go out.

I am a parent of a sophomore. She goes out what seems like plenty (to me). She goes to parties held by fraternities, clubs, and sports teams (club and varsity). She has gotten very involved in a major campus club and has had a variety of parties and a banquet with them. She has joined a sorority and has had more events with them. There is basketball and (some) football tailgating. She goes to friends’ houses and apartments for get-togethers.
That said, she certainly does not go out most nights, but when she stays in, it is usually by choice.

The social scene at Villanova is what you make of it. If you want to go out 4 times a week, you can. For first semester Freshmen guys, you cannot really go out. For girls, you can go out any night you want. Nova gets a bad rep for no partying and while it isn’t a total rager school, you can still party as much as you’d like.

Everyone else, for the most part, is exactly like you.

Young smart and looking for fun and friends. It couldn’t be lame if they tried. You all would figure a way to have fun. And youre part of great city area and a basketball power.

Villanova has a bad party rep because our frats and sororities are watched so close by the Greek life office, we don’t have Greek row, and only about 30% of our undergrad population is involved in Greek life. I like this because it creates a close-knit environment where you can make a wide variety of good friends. There’s parties at the courts (an apartment complex 5 minutes from campus) and off campus frat house parties every single weekend. Girls can go out regardless of if they‘re in a sorority, but guys unfortunately can’t go out until they join a frat during the spring semester of freshman year. To an actual Villanovan, it’s Villasofun.

Villanova is most definitely a party school, but the dynamic is much different compared to stereotypical party schools (Syracuse, UMich, Clemson etc.) because we don’t have Greek row. All of our houses are off campus (very, very fun) and every frat also has an apartment in the courts that they throw smaller parties in (also very, very fun). Villanova is what you make of it. Don’t pull away because of what other people are telling you. I am a junior at Villanova, and the party scene is very present.