Student Life @ PSU

Hi, not really sure how this website works, but I was wondering what any Penn State alumni or students had any experiences or just anything they liked about student life there. I didn’t get to visit, but I would have loved to get a feel for it

It’s a big school spirit school. People there LOVE Penn State, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a gorgeous campus with a cute walkable town that borders the campus. It’s a safe area in the beautiful Happy Valley.

Not everything is perfect of course - but it’s a great environment. If you are into big events like sporting events, concerts, etc…it’s great. But it also works for the quieter students. The best part about Penn State to me is that, because it’s so big, there is something for everyone. You can find your niche. UNLESS your niche is a small school environment with small classes where the professors know each student by name. That doesn’t happen much until you are in your major your junior year. Before that, the gen ed classes can be huge and you need to be a self directed student to succeed. No hand holding here.

That said, my husband and I graduated from PSU, our daughter graduated in 2019 and our son will graduate from there in 2021. Our kids are very different with different personalities, but they both found their fit there.

Things will be different for this coming year, but if you are applying for admission in fall 2021, HOPEFULLY Covid will be over by then and things will be back to normal for PSU.