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<p>Daughter accepted - GMU Honors. OOS. Concerned about a possible "commuter campus". On tour last fall with a guy in the group that seemed to indicate that when he went there, the campus really emptied out on weekends. Does the campus empty out on weekends?</p>

<p>I am also curious about this. We are also OOS, and Mason is his first choice. Even though he was already accepted, we are going to visit again in February for another visit. I don't know that we can be there on a weekend, but I'm thinking of making the tour on a Saturday to see how crowded the campus is. I'll let you know what I find out. I have been on GMU's website often and there are plenty of things to do on the weekends. I think if the school emptied out there wouldn't be as many activities. I would love to hear from any current GMU students. The school has built many new dorms to change the impression that it is a suitcase school.</p>

<p>Also accepted GMU Honors OOS. I'm curious as well. Bump.</p>

<p>I've been accepted (also from OOS) and I'm concerned about that as well. I'm also confused about the different campuses. I read that the only undergraduate housing is at the Fairfax Campus, but as a Government and International Politics Major my classes would be at the Arlington Campus. I might be wrong about this set up, but if I'm not does that mean I'd have to commute between campuses. Or is it possible to live at the Arlington Campus?</p>

<p>I found out some info from a friend of mine. Her son's best friend from NY just transferred to Mason. He said about 5,000 students live on campus and they are there on the week-ends also. They have formed a strong bond with each other, so this student feels he is getting the best of both worlds - a big school for sports and academic choices and a small school for dorms and meeting people. He is very, very happy there.</p>

<p>Thanks for the information, michone. We visited initially on Labor Day weekend . . . before noon . . . very quiet, but rather early for many college students. Plan to return for the in February for another look. Liked the campus and the academic offerings - especially since she doesn't know what major she wants to pursue.</p>

<p>I can answer this question. It is true that weekends appear to be cleared out but that is a result of the rich resources for entertainment near the school. A portion of these students go to clubs, events, activities in the District of Columbia as well as the Clarendon and Ballston area in Alexandria for "nightlife" entertainment venues so that leaves some that don't really party remaining on campus. There are definitely activities to partake on campus, but what makes George Mason unique is the student body. The core of Mason students aren't really your stereotypical cookie-cutter college students that you see in the movie. We are talking about independent, free-thinkers who can't really be relegated to a stereotype like other colleges; whether they be "party/frat" colleges, artsy colleges, collar poppin' rich kid colleges,etc. Michone is correct, there's approximately 5,000 students currently on campus with about 600 more beds that are going to be finished by spring 2010. Another 1,000+ apt style beds are going to be finished by spring 2012 so that's over 6,600 students living on campus.</p>

<p>seinfeldfan, the Arlington campus is exclusively for Master's and Ph.d-seeking graduate students. The Govt. and Intl. Politics program, which is a VERY GOOD program is located on the Fairfax campus.</p>

<p>She's going to Mason and looking forward to it.</p>

<p>Mamahu - my son is also going to Mason OOS. I think they are attracting more OOS every year. He's very excited about his decision.</p>

<p>Maybe someone can help me with this. I'm a little skeptical of GMU. I know it's in a great location and has so much to offer, but what about in terms of education? It's between GMU and Goucher, and frankly I don't know which one to choose.</p>

<p>Never heard of Goucher so that should mean something.</p>

<p>Goucher is a much smaller school, isn't it? GMU is a big university. That should factor into your decisions.</p>

<p>Hm.. I have sent my deposit for GMU and I plan on going there as a student wanting to experience college life to the fullest. Yeah, it seems to me that not everything is right at your feet to get involved in but I already plan on joining their rowing club, being in the basketball pit band, and possibly be a a night club promoter (?) LOL. I am going to make the most of Mason. Yeah, I am waitlisted to JMU which is really where I know I belong. But.... I have no idea if JMU will accept me or not so I gotta suck it up and enjoy MASON NATION!!</p>

<p>Im from Williamsburg and the idea of hopping on the metro to get into DC any time I want sounds awesome!!</p>

<p>MASON :)</p>

<p>Hello. I was looking for universities in the DC Metro Area with a strong Intl Studies programs and possibilities for internships and/or study abroad. I haven't heard much about GMU, but with what I've researched it sound fitting. I would be a transfer OOS. Any feedback?</p>

<p>Not a commuter school, it has about 7000+ on campus housing and every semester they are adding more. they just cleared out all the trees and woods area building another giant housing area for next semester. There are a lot of off campus houses that's right across the street and down the road a few blocks. Sports is huge here, tons of brand new facilities. Academics is solid for international relations, professors with great experiences, nice tie to the dc metro area. The weekends sometimes seem less crowded because everyone is going to washington, dc to go the monument, museums, parks. Mostly the spring and summer this happens. During the winter most stay on campus.</p>