Student non-tax filer form (IDOC)

When I was a minor, I had a joint bank account with my dad. It has, like, $200 max inside it. The money was from my father, not from an employer or anything - it wasn’t an earning. So, in the IDOC student non-tax filer form, there’s no need for me to list what’s in that bank account as a source of income, right? It doesn’t count as one of those official allowances or earnings?

I apologize if this isn’t the appropriate channel through which to make this request but I’m a little lost and I need to be certain about what I upload to IDOC, lol

Money in bank accounts are assets. So you need to list it properly on your financial aid forms as an asset of either yours or your parent.

They won’t penalize you for having $200 in your account; list it on the IDOC form as your asset.

For IDOC-Make sure you follow the directions exactly as posted.

Upload the forms as you complete them. Don’t do it all at once because you will become overwhelmed.

Follow the list and it will automatically be checked off as you upload.

Check the for supplemental forms that are required by some schools.
Good luck!

The only available fields to be filled on the IDOC form are called “source of income”, and it’s mentioned in my assets on the CSS Profile, so I guess I’ll just put dashes and zeroes lol

Thank you very much for this. I am indeed quite overwhelmed.