Student numbers by state

Has anyone seen numbers for elite prep school admissions by state?

Are any of the elite schools particularly associated with Philadelphia or do students just go where they can get in?

Most students go to schools that they can get to in 2 or 3 hours if they have that option. With that said, many students don’t have that option, have a connection to a more distant school, match better with a distant school, or simply don’t care.

You will find more students from the Philadelphia area at schools in that area – St Andrew’s, Hill, George, Westtown, Peddie, Lawrenceville, Mercersburg, etc… With that said, you’ll also find kids there from MA who had more local options.

I don’t think admissions folks care a lot about where you are from, so it’s unlikely that you’ll get a bump from being from Philadelphia. At the same time, they want a mix of students so if you are applying from an area where lots of students go to BS (Boston suburbs, NYC private schools), you are all probably not going to be accepted.

Basically, students go where they can get in AND where they’ll have a good experience.

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