student survey

What grade is your child in this year in high school or college?

For high school is it is remote start, hybrid start, or in person all 5 days for all.

If hybrid what is that like?

For college
remote, commute, or residential student

Classes remote, hybrid, in person

My youngest is entering 11th grade. We have a remote start and starting a tad later than usual. We haven’t been told many details yet.

My oldest is in her 3rd year of college.
She is living on campus
Her classes are mostly in person
1 class has 1 day that is remote the other day in person
one class is actually a grad class - remote but probably not due to corona

My only is a junior at university. She’s on campus, residential, and most of her classes are F2F- 4 F2F, 1 hybrid, 1 online.


  • Soph in college.
  • On campus at a small LAC in Ohio.
  • 3 F2F classes. 1 (300 level) remote
  • Next semester he will be home (the Juniors and Seniors will be on campus) and fully remote.

Little S is a 7th grader and fully remote until at least Jan 22.

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College senior
Residential student
Hybrid. At this point she’s on campus two days per week for classes. Her classes are going well. One prof is, however, disappointed in how few students are not attending the lectures in class and are not doing the synchronous zoom, instead watching them later. (They are recorded).

College sophomore, in an apartment off campus. 2 online classes, 3 in-person (though 1 of them she alternates in-person and Zoom). One class was always meant to be online, the other moved online as it was a large gen ed.

College sophomore remote learning from home.
If on campus he initially would have had 3 classes f2f, 3 online.

Younger child is 11th grade.
Fully remote until end of first marking period in November.

2 seniors - 1 in HS, 1 in college.

College- lives off campus, classes all went remote, although some labs are in person.

HS - last week switched to 100% remote until Oct 1. She starts tomorrow. October 1 she will be in school 2 shortened days, home the other 3.

Eldest - graduated '20 and is fully independent.

Youngest - college sophomore. in-state public. Lives off campus. Classes were a combo of online/hybrid/f2f. They are switching to online by next week for at least 1 month.

Youngest is a sophomore in college, living in an off campus apartment. His college started all classes online but they are supposed to switch to ftf mid September.

My only is a firstyear at a SLAC. On campus residential taking 4 classes - all remote for the first 2 weeks during a mandatory universal quarantine but 2 in person and 2 remote after that. One of the remotes was going to be in person but prof changed their mind last week.

2 freshman - one college, one high school

College - all remote classes from home

High School - hybrid, in person, full day classes 2x per week, 3x per week remote

1 law student, 1 college student, 1 boarding school student

Law: Still doesn’t know whether classes are virtual or in person, moving into their grad dorm in a week (3 bedroom shared apartment)

College: Virtual classes, moving back into their near-campus apartment on the weekend

Boarding School: Virtual classes from home