Students appyling for Fall 2009

<p>Who else is applying to Stonehill and has anyone heard back about acceptance? Also what other schools are people applying to.</p>

<p>I applied to Stonehill and I haven't heard back yet, the website says by Jan. 15th so I'm sure they'll send them out soon. I also applied to Loyola College of Maryland, Fairfield University, Quinnipiac, Providence College, Santa Clara University, Saint Joseph's University, University of Scranton, University of Vermont...probably a few others too. What are your stats?</p>

<p>I know someone who heard back from Stonehill on December 15th..don't know what round they applied or anything, though.</p>

<p>Stonehill's Early Decision letters went out December 15th. Early Action letters go out January 15th. My son applied to Stonehill, Providence College, Villanova and Renassalaer. Good luck.</p>

<p>My D applied to Stonehill, very impressed with the visit. So far, accepted at St. Michael's, and Wittenberg (both safties). Turned down at Providence, deferred at Villanova. Still waiting on Syracuse and Loyola (Maryland).</p>

<p>I applied early to Stonehill, BC, Villanova, and Northeastern and regular to Providence and Bucknell.</p>

<p>I heard back from Stonehill last week. I applied to Providence College too. I got into both, and now I'm trying to decide which to go to.</p>

<p>Same, also got into Loyola MD</p>