Students at Bryant

Hi all,
I got accepted to Bryant University but I’m trying to decide if it is right for me. What is holding me back is the people. Everyone on campus was friendly but it’s more the type of people I’m worried about. Currently, I go to a suburban school that is very homogenous and in that everyone plays sports of some kind and a lot of white privilege-for lack of a better word. Does anyone know if that’s what it’s like at Bryant? is it a bunch of the same types of kids coming and playing sports?

With the danger of using generalities.

I will offer to say that the student body leans to what you describe more than it leans towards what you would find at a larger urban school with more diversity. New England tends to lean toward being less diverse on a whole. Our cities are diverse but the suburban outskirts tend to lean more homogeneous white I would say.

New England private schools I think are subject to the typical white -privilege comments. I doubt that will ever change.

Bryant is a D1 school so they recruit athletes and since it is a small school, the athlete presence is seen. It is just a math game. You need X athletes to fill all the sports teams and the school is fairly small so the proportion is quite heavy on athletes.

If attending a largely diverse school is your goal then Bryant might not fit the bill. Luckily they publish these types of stats so you should be able to narrow down your search.

Good luck.

I am a freshman at Bryant and with only 2 weeks left this year I can say that I have really learned a lot about the school.

There is definitely something for everyone. There are certain groups and if you want to hang out with the athletes, you can. If you want to participate in greek life, you can. Or if you just want to join different clubs and meet lots of different people then you can. The majority of people i have met and interacted with here are extremely nice.

The party scene isn’t huge, but you can definitely have a good time on campus or in Providence if you choose.

The campus is really beautiful, and there is always something to do. We also have a brand new mascot and he is the cutest bulldog puppy ever. I think if you do decide to come to Bryant, you will really enjoy it.