Students beware; UGA & GT getting more selective!

<p>For those of you applying this year or in the next few years, this is important information for you and parents as well. The USG just released the 2012 dataset for Georgia public colleges and universities. UGA and Georgia Tech both posted their best ever records. UGA and Georgia Tech were tied for average GPA which was a 3.76.</p>

<p>For those of you in high school, if you want to get into these schools it's important that you start focusing and challenging yourself! UGA and Georgia Tech have both gotten considerably more selective over the past two decades. They're probably going to continue to become more selective as both schools continue to climb the ranks of top research universities. This is great news for students and Georgians, but it does mean that you all will need to work harder to be the best of the best. This is reflected even on the undergraduate level.</p>

<p>Note that the SAT is a composite of verbal and math - the most crucial sections. The GPA does not reflect that the number of honors and AP courses taken has also gone up at both schools.</p>

<p>UGA 2011 = 1221, 3.71
UGA 2012 = 1238, 3.76</p>

<p>GT 2011 = 1354, 3.76
GT 2012 = 1365, 3.76 </p>

<p>2012 GPAs :
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<p>2011 GPAs:
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<p>2012 SAT scores:
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<p>2011 SAT scores:
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<p>Good luck future Yellow Jackets!</p>

<p>Thanks for sharing this information and the links! A very helpful post.</p>

<p>Average grades going up could simply be grade inflation at the [Georgia] high schools, with no real change in selectivity (it’s not tougher to get in–just the whole population of applicants has shifted higher). </p>

<p>Now, if the average number of applicants went up 50% or 70%, things would get much more selective in a hurry. Oh, wait. GT went up 53% in applications between '06 and '12, which means many more applicants aren’t getting in. I think this is how selectivity is often viewed, such as when speaking of Ivy League selectiveness, etc.</p>

<p>GT and UGA having the same GPA is misleading, as the students applying to the schools are possibly taking different courses, as you allude to by mentioning that AP/IB isn’t included in the calculation.</p>

<p>I don’t think OP meant to stir up a UGA v Tech debate. He posted this same thread on the UGA board.</p>

<p>It’s possible that grade inflation has something to do with it, but UGA and GT HAVE gotten more selective over the past 10 years. It’s not the case with all schools. Georgia State posted considerably lower SAT/GPA scores this year, bringing it back to 2005 levels.</p>

<p>Besides, it’s the SAT score that posted the highest all-time average. AP/IB courses taken by entering freshman have also gone up, as they have nationally. I couldn’t find any info on honors, but I’m sure that went up as well, especially at Tech. All Georgia schools have seen a considerable increase in enrollment and applicants. Both schools are also enrolling more and more international students.</p>

<p>Study hard students!</p>

<p>Good points. </p>

<p>Also, I think GT has been using the writing part of the SAT for some time, so disregard that portion at your own risk! :-)</p>

<p>Regarding GPA, I found that there was only one year that posted a higher GPA. In 2008 the average GPA was a 3.77(3.76 for 2012)</p>

<p>But I confirmed the trend for both schools. Here is GT’s progression. Note that more students would be taking more AP courses as the years go on:</p>

<p>GT 1998 = 1295
GT 1999 = 1303
GT 2000 = 1329
GT 2001 = 1321
GT 2003 = 1325 3.74
GT 2004 = 1330 3.72
GT 2005 = 1328 3.74
GT 2006 = 1329 3.71
GT 2007 = 1333 3.75
GT 2008 = 1335 3.77
GT 2009 = 1336 3.72
GT 2010 = 1340 3.76
GT 2011 = 1354 3.76
GT 2012 = 1365 3.76</p>

<p>Um… this is not news… THe state schools have become increasingly difficult to get into, particularly with the benefits of the HOPE/Zell Miller scholarships for instate students. </p>

<p>In fact, given the massive rise in number of applicants to many/most of the top schools, it wouldnt be at all surprising to see similar rises in GPA/standardized test scores of the admitted students in many of these schools, though they probably started from a higher base score so the angle of the curve wouldnt be as dramatic.</p>

<p>jym626, the fact is that both schools posted highest ever scores. That in itself it worth raising eyebrows. Important info for students applying to schools. </p>

<p>It’s nothing new to my ear either that GT and UGA have gotten increasingly selective. What you say is true. Everything has gotten more competitive. Looking at the data, it seems almost every school in the USG increased it’s selectivity index apart from Georgia State who saw a considerable dip. Even Valdosta State’s SAT score went up from 997 in 2011 to 1015 in 2012. </p>

<p>Good luck to all applicants, be them Bulldogs or Jackets!</p>

<p>I better get in…</p>

<p>^ You’d better fix your grammar :)</p>

<p>Agree, MD, that many schools are posting the highest stats ever. The upward trend is seen a lot, as ae the numbers of applicants. Are the SAT differences between last year and this year statistically different?</p>

<p>Interestingly enough, as Georgia’s average SAT score went up, SAT scores went down nationally or remained unchanged. Average ACT scores also saw a dip. We’re able to see an interesting trend here. The average SAT score nationally(verbal+math) was a 1010. For the USG, the average was a 1110. As more and more people take the SAT/ACT, the lower the score gets. However, the opposite is true in Georgia. This is some interesting food for thought for parents.</p>

<p>[SAT</a> scores are down and racial gaps remain | Inside Higher Ed](<a href=“]SAT”></p>

<p>2012 average SAT score and GPA:</p>

<p>Georgia Tech: 1365 3.76
University of Georgia: 1238 3.76
Georgia College and State U: 1160 3.42
Southern Polytechnic State U: 1141 3.28
North Georgia College and State U: 1117 3.51
Georgia Southern U: 1115 3.18
4-year university average: 1110 3.12
Kennesaw State U: 1089 3.20
Georgia State U: 1082 3.33
Armstrong Atlantic State U: 1016 3.16
Valdosta State U: 1015 3.12</p>

<p>2011 average SAT score and GPA:</p>

<p>Georgia Tech: 1354 3.76
University of Georgia: 1221 3.71
Georgia College and State U: 1155 3.40
Southern Polytechnic State U: 1131 3.27
North Georgia College & State U: 1113 3.50
Georgia Southern U: 1112 3.18
4-year USG average SAT score: 1096 3.08
Georgia State: 1095 3.38
Kennesaw State: 1079 3.21
Armstrong Atlantic State U: 1025 3.17
Valdosta State: 997 3.07</p>

<p>Not sure it makes the best sense to compare the average SAT scores of undergrads at the state schools with the average SAT scores of all students taking the test nationwide. Lots of students take the test who do not ultimately attend college, so these scores may not correlate. These are 2 different data points. Its of course wonderful to see the average SAT scores for students (are those the scores of the admitted/accepted or enrolled students? That makes a big difference) go up in the GA schools. That said, the average verbal+ Math SAT score in GA highschoolers in 2010 was only 978. In 2012, GA students who completed a core curriculum had an avg vbl+ math score of 999 <a href=“Press Release”>Press Release - SAT: Georgia Sees Gains as Participation Increases, National Scores Decrease</a></p>

<p>Can you clarify if the scores you are presenting are the scores of the admitted (accepted) students or the enrolled students? The scores of the first group (those admitted) are usually higher than the scores of the enrolled students.</p>

<p>Again, its wonderful to see the scores go up . It would be interesting to see if these trends were true at other comparable schools/university systems. Do you have that data?</p>

<p>That’s very valid, but what I wanted to point out is that most Georgia colleges saw a considerable increase in SAT/GPA scores. These averages were above the national average, for many schools an all time high. We often get a bad rap here in Georgia for poor public education. I believe that only applies mostly to k-12 education. This is simply good information for applicants. These values were just released by the BOR. You will probably see Collegeboard update their website to 2012 values in February. Colleges received the application information in October. </p>

<p>Yes, these are the average GPA/SAT scores for first-time(freshman) matriculated students in the USG, not admitted students. We would have skewed data if we used admitted student information. These are the actual freshman.</p>

<p>Good job to everyone in the Bulldog and Jacket nation! Great seeing the averages go up.</p>

<p>Go Georgia Southern Eagles</p>

<p>The 3% increase in HOPE money might help us a lot this year.</p>

<p>Ahhh I applied. I have a 3.96 GPA but my CR and Math is only 1220 :open_mouth: Maybe being an african-american female interested in computer science will help me? (I hope…)</p>

<p>URM and being female will definitely help you. One thing Tech really looks for is course rigor in math and science. Stack on the AP stat, AP calc, AP comp science, AP chem and AP physics classes! </p>

<p>That’s a pretty average SAT for Tech, but you have a good GPA.</p>

<p>Thank god I got in…even as a transfer</p>

<p>Boogiemachine what were your stats?</p>

<p>Can someone from here please chance me? I don’t want to make another thread to watch. Current computer science student at GSU must transfer to Tech.</p>

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<p>Thank you!</p>