Students' impressions so far...

<p>I'm wondering what the newer students think of their experience here so far, maybe even talk about certain departments that they're happy/disappointed with. I'm only in my second semester but I'll sum up what I think so far:</p>

<p>Math- took calc 1 and am taking calc 2 now... I've never taken calculus before so I had to study my ass off, but I still did pretty good. The tests have some killer questions so the curve is actually implemented, but at the same time, I don't really remember a question where they try to trick you so bad that the rest of your answer is gonna be wrong... I also love how fast they grade your exams, I had class at 8:30 in the morning the day after one exam and our professor had the exams waiting for us... good stuff math department. I don't like the gateways, they're not too bad, but the whole "nothing to gain, but quite a bit to lose" thing is kinda crappy.</p>

<p>Psych- took psych 111 and am taking psych 250 now (intro to developmental psychology)... both classes are very easy so far, exams are not bad at all, BUT I am actually learning stuff.</p>

<p>Chemistry - took 130 and the lab last semester... I though 130 was doing a great job at running the show until our second exam, where they refused to let us see our graded exams or even give us the answers to the exam until about a couple days before finals started... I just don't see the point, they said they wanted us to figure it out by ourselves, but they make the tests tricky for a damned reason and actually having the set-in-stone correct answers would have helped out tremendously for studying for the final... as for the lab: what a nightmare... it didn't seem like anybody knew what they were actually doing, some kids in my lab did but they had to stop in the middle of the lab and ask our gsi a lot of questions (who was actually a really good gsi.. Akiko). When it came time to study for the exams, I had to go to the office hours A LOT to review the past exams, but a lot of the gsis would take foreeeevveeerr to figure out the answer to a question or just give you a 5 minute explanation for something that should take 5 seconds. If you're gonna take chem 125 and need help with answering questions, if Akiko's still doing it, go to her office hours, she helped me out a lot.</p>

<p>EECS 183 - taking it right now... so far, so good. I can't really comment too much, haven't even taken one exam yet.</p>

<p>I'm taking another class but it's so small that I'd rather not review it with my name for display.</p>

<p>So... what do you guys think of the classes you've taken so far?</p>

<p>I'll just post my favorites:
English 125: Awesome class if you can get the right professor. I had an excellent professor (PM me and I'll tell you the name), and I learned a boatload about how to write several different types of papers (which is REALLY helpful, I'd recommend any freshman take this class first semester). Also 125 > 124 because instead of reading long pointless novels you read 10-15 pages essays which were all very well written and about fascinating topics, plus you learn how to write an argumentative essay which is basically every paper you would have to write for a social science class.</p>

<p>ECON 101: This class rocks if you get the right professor. I walked into the class knowing nothing about what economics actually was and walked out with a profound understanding of it. On top of that, the class isn't too hard as long as you study well for it. All the topics are straightforward and the math is simple, as long as you get the concepts you'll get an A. Also I'd recommend taking either Gerson/Malone because they teach out of the textbook they're writing and teach to the same exam, so it's easier finding people for help/studying. Also they posted exam grades only a day after we took it every time which was awesome.</p>

<p>I'm not too sure about this semester's classes yet so I'm not going to comment. ECON 102 sucks compared to 101 is all I can say.</p>

<p>just finished my eecs 183 exam at ~8, checked my email at 10:30 and they already have the grades to the written part and all the answers on ctools... good stuff. Multiple choice grades aren't up but there were only 16 so it's pretty easy to go through and remember how you answered certain questions.</p>