Students most nostalgic for Bill Clinton/Reagan

<p>I found it on the princeton review college search and have no clue what it means.
I know it has to do with political leanings e.t.c.</p>

<p>but does anyone care to explain, please.</p>

<p>Student's nostalgic for: </p>

<p>Bill Clinton:
- Favors Presidents who are professional fence sitters
- Favors a foreign policy of appeasement and head-in-the-sand strategies -> giving free passes for North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Bin Laden and future terrorists alike
- Political headfakes to coverup ongoing investigations and scandals
- Infidelity and other fun shenanigans
- Weaker military
- Higher taxes
- Anti-business
- Turning the Lincoln Bedroom into Motel 6
- Snaking the White House china and silver upon exit
- Presidential pardons for convicted felons</p>

<p>Ronald Reagan:
- Lifted the country from economic malaise of stagflation (double digit inflation and interest rates thanks to Carter's administration)
- Supply side economics
- Pro-business
- Tax reform -> cut taxes for everyone
- Favors strong and pro-active foreign policy
- Leading force in bringing down Communism -> fostering democracy
- Strong military</p>

<p>liberal - clinton
conservative - reagan</p>



<p>while i agree that reagan was definately the better president, I wouldn't be so 1 sided in that observation...Reagan had his detriments.</p>

<p>It is about political preference. Nostalgic for Clinton means Democrats/more liberal people. Reaganites are the alternative. More conservative and folloers of Reagans general policies. Both presidents were very well liked within their respective parties.</p>

<p>Just take it as dems vs. repubs</p>


<p>biassed slightly?</p>

<p>I love Clinton and I don't support many of the things you listed... though I got the sarcastic tone (motel 6.) I am less of a Reagan fan, but admit he did do a lot for the country.</p>

<p>If you miss Bill Clinton then you supposedly lean toward liberal (I think moderate, but I grew up in the 1960's). If you miss Reagan you lean toward Conservative. If you have enough students at a school who lean either direction it implies the school is generally liberal or conservative. If you as an incoming student do NOT lean that way; maybe..just should think twice about applying. Having said that ALMOST every school has students that lean every which way politically, except maybe Bob Jones U....and other notorious schools.</p>

<p>nothing slight about it</p>

<p>Thanks for the national debt Reagan...Tax and Spend liberals are worse than Spend conservatives I guess....hehe</p>

<p>President Clinton – He’s the first president in US history who taught us that we must listen and value the opinions of the others, even they are minority- we can all learn from the dissenting opinions. Actually, during the Clinton’s era, there was a great influx of women/minority into top government positions, including key decision/policy making posts. I’d rank him right with President Truman, President Kennedy as one of our greatest presidents who really cared for the underprivileged. He was the champion of the low-middle class</p>

<p>President Reagan – well, he was not even a decent actor</p>

well, he was not even a decent actor


<p>So what? Clinton was a great actor:</p>

<li>"I never inhaled." </li>
<li>"Did not have s. relations with that woman, ML."</li>

<p>that didn't make him a great President.</p>

<p>how do you not inhale? do you just put it to your lips and just stare at it? i'm so confused.</p>

<p>The prestige, i love how you claim that clinton just gave free passes to terrorist, atleast he didn't leave the U.S 2.5 trillion more in debt after his 8 years.</p>

<p>What are you if you're neither liberal nor conservative. lost?
'cause i'm neither. moderate i guess. and i don't mind going to a liberal or conservative school.
so that's not a criteria i hope.</p>

<p>Clinton was great(maybe not morally, but still)!</p>

<p>I miss Clinton. How can you complain about Clinton and his affair when George W Bush is the President? C'mon now.</p>

<p>I thought that liking Reagan was passe?</p>

How can you complain about Clinton and his affair when George W Bush is the President? C'mon now.


<p>When did I say I liked W.? </p>

<p>As I recall the PR mentions Clinton and Reagan. That's like attacking Iraq when Al Qaeda attacks you... (tongue firmly in cheek).</p>

<p>Bill Clinton:
-Plays jazz.</p>

<p>Ronald Reagan:
-Wanted to build giant lasers that would shoot down missles from space.</p>

<p>This is a good comparison. Both were good examples of their parties: they were good leaders who did great things for the country. Both also had their flaws/scandals. A true conservative would love Reagan; a true liberal, Clinton. Great presidents...they don't make politicians like that anymore in either party.</p>

<p>I am strongly nostalgic for clinton (I think he was the best president in the last 50 years), but I would give up 20% of my salary to have Reagan in office instead of Bush.</p>

<p>wow if you don't know what that means you shouldn't be going anywhere but your local community college</p>