Students on the A-Level system.

<p>I wanted to know if anyone has ordered their certifyed statement of results and how and what and when and where? =S It's a pain in the patella.</p>

<p>I'm sort of on the A-level system, I'm actually on the Scottish SQA system (basically the same thing with different names and a different authority), but I had to get another set of certificates from the SQA (the SQA doesn't do certifying statements) I guess you'll have to do the same thing with AQA.</p>

<p>what is A-Level system?</p>

<p>Like IB, High School, etc. people on the British system's last two years of school are known as A-Levels. It's pretty complicated.</p>

<p>yes I have. I went to the British council office directly in my country and ordered it. U will have to fill up a form and pay abt 35 pounds. U can only order O level certificates rite now to send it in before july 15th. After A2 is done, u can order the a level certificate and send it in by september.</p>