Students Struggling with Finances

I can’t believe how many young people in difficult financial straits tell me that they are worried because they cannot afford to take SAT I/SAT II exams or pay for college applications.

You don’t have to! Ask your guidance counselor for a College Board fee waiver for your SAT exams! Bring in proof of income. You can use it for up to three administrations of the SAT I or SAT II. As for college applications…If you are approved for a fee waiver of your SAT fees, you can receive up to four fee waivers for private schools, officially (your GC might just give you more if the demand isn’t too high). All the schools I applied to accepted it, I remember, however, that one of my classmates said that Kent State wouldn’t. It’s up to the university to honor it, but most do.

If you yourself are not low-income, please pass this information on to someone that is. I’d hate to hear kids say that they’re not applying because they can’t afford it, when it is completely unnecessary.

<p>That's very kind of you.</p>

<p>I think, however, most people who say "I can't afford it" do not mean it in the most literal sense. For example, on paper, my family has a decent income (this is before all the other circumstances surrounding my family). We can afford SAT fees, however it would definitely pinch the budget to have me apply to 15 schools all requiring application fees of $70.</p>