studio art at Goucher?

<p>Does anyone know anything about this program at Goucher?</p>

<p>Hi there, I'm currently an art major at Goucher. The studio art program is very different than what you would receive at an art school. There really isn't a 'concentration,' like most schools have (i.e. Photography, Drawing, Digital Arts). Instead, art majors must take a wide range of courses in all areas of art - which could be viewed negatively or positively. The downsides to the studio art program is the lack of 'studio.' The Arts building at Goucher has very little studio space, with one drawing/painting studio, one design studio (with very limited room and resources), and only a few rooms for photography. The building is much more focused on the Theater program. There are no studio spaces for art majors to use on their own, like many schools offer. There is also an issue with courses in the art department filling very fast due to the small amount of sections (and faculty), so students may not be able to get the courses they want or need, especially if they are in a lower class. The faculty in general in the program are excellent - many professors have experience at other major art schools across the country (both in teaching and attending as students), and they are very dedicated to what they are doing.
Do you have any specific questions other than what I have covered? I hope this helps.</p>

<p>What do studio art majors do after graduation? Do they go to graduate school, work? Do they work in the arts?</p>