studio art at U Mass Amherst?

<p>Does anyone know about this program or have any experience with it?</p>

<p>My daughter is applying to Mass College of Art, plus a bunch of small liberal arts schools. She likes Mass Art but I think the intensity of being at an all-art school is a bit intimidating. She would like to study other things too. It would be great if UMA could meet her needs.</p>

<p>Would love to hear from anyone who does studio art at UMA!</p>


<p>Anyone know about the studio art program? UMA has a BFA program.</p>

<p>Yes, My D is at UMASS and is a Fine Arts major with her concentration in Photography. She is minoring in education and is also in the Commonweath College. She loves it. I went to Mass Art and I am an art teacher. i have been impressed with the program at UMASS. My D did not want the "Art School" environment. She wanted to be at a university where she would be around a wide variety of people so it has been great there for her. The art department is very attentive and encouraging with a wide assortment of classes. They also have a brand new studio art building that is gorgeous and state of the art (no pun intended!).</p>

<p>It is a great alternative to a smaller art school and gives the opportunity to take advantage of the things that a bigger school has to offer.</p>


<p>My daughter looked at Mass Art also, she is interested in that school, but I think being part of a bigger school is a great alternative.</p>

<p>Is your D going for a BA or a BFA? Does she have opportunities for internships?</p>

<p>She started off with the intent of getting a BA but changed to the BFA. it is challenging esepecially with the Commonwealth College requirements thrown into the mix but she loves it. Her advisors are great and very supportive. </p>

<p>Mass Art is a great school, too. I loved it but it definitely is an "immersion" in the study of art. More of a non traditional college experience. After my D went to a portfolio day she knew that she didn't want to go to art school. A good friend of hers goes to Mass Art, though and my D goes to visit her there now and then. When she does, she sometimes feels a twinge of regret but it only lasts until she gets back on campus. She likes the variety of students and activities at UMASS. One thing I would suggest is to make an appointment with someone in the art dept to look at your Ds portfolio. We found that very helpful! We went in the summer and the head of the dept. took and hour with her. He was great!</p>