Studio Art Major at Pitzer

Hi! My S was accepted to Pitzer and is very excited! He was also accepted at several other wonderful, small LAC’s – as well as some Art Schools. I am wondering if anyone can offer any insight into the Arts community and offerings specifically at Pitzer. He is very solid academically but his true passion is the Arts. Thank you for any info!

Can’t speak directly to the art major or range of specific art offerings, but will say that my daughter has had several friends who are doing some type of art focus in their studies and they are very happy with the offerings both at Pitzer and the overall consortium. Pitzer is also very open about creating your own major, she has two good friends who are working with their advisors to something very specific to their interests. Overall, she says she is very happy with her advising, classes, and all the opportunities within the 5Cs.

Fantastic question— I think the answer really depends on your kid and if they have a sense already of what they want to do after they graduate. LACs are a good way to go if he wants variety in his education and may not pursue art professionally. It may be hard to know when you are 18. The fact that he also applied to art schools may mean he is grappling with that question, or not?

Hah! Just realized how old your post is. Apologies. Would love to know what he ended up doing.