Studios other than CAP21

<p>What are some good studios for acting? I know that CAP21 is for musical theater, but would it be possible to go to an acting studio and still take private voice and dance lessons at Tisch?</p>

<p>My daughter is at the Stella Adler studio and she takes voice lessons from a wonderful teacher who taught vocal tecnique at Cap 21 last summer. She loves it so much and feels she is getting the best training possible for theatre, film and Mt. She also takes dance lessons when she can at Paradance. She wanted either Mt or theatre but is so happy where she is .She really feels she made the right choice. By the way she is a soph.</p>

<p>MEISNER. MEISNER. MEISNER. With all due respect to the other studios, if you want to learn really, truly good acting, go to Meisner. It's not right for everyone because it requires that you give up what you think you know and you have to be prepared to work hard and take risks...but if you want excellent acting training it is the place to go. The technique is amazing, the teachers care about each individual student (the class is less than 20 per year) They know us better than we know ourselves. They KNOW good acting and they CARE about making us good actors.
There are movement and vocal components of every studio, but only CAP fully teaches musical theatre singing and dancing. You can take voice and dance electives. But if voice and dance are a priority, go to CAP.</p>

<p>By "you can take voice and dance electives" I mean you can take them whatever studio you're in. But if voice and dance are a huge priority for you, go to CAP.</p>

<p>also. meisner is a 2 year studio. so after you could go to CAP if you wanted.</p>

<p>Another solid option is the Atlantic. While Meisner is the most intimate, one could argue that Atlantic is the most intense. The technique, "Practical Aesthetics" is taught there, a relatively new technique that has principles from Meisner and very loose Adler principles. In my opinion, there is NO better place to do your basic studio than at Atlantic. It teaches not only the actor how to use his/her whole body while acting, but a level of professionalism that is matched at no other studio.
All in all, I don't really think you can go wrong.</p>

<p>Meisner has been the most intense experience of my life. I've heard Atlantic has a militant kind of professionalism which is not what we have at Meisner, but there is a sense of professionalism in that you have to take responsibility for yourself and they don't take any ****. You grow up. I don't mean to directly contradict someone, because the whole decision of what's the best studio for you is an individual choice for each person anyway, depending what suits them best. But, having been through it, I believe with my whole heart that Meisner is the best acting training you'll get at Tisch. And it's more than acting training, it's like, a life experience. And I just can't help wanting as many people as possible to have it because it's AMAZING. Every single person who has been through Meisner will say the same. And anyone who knows an actor who has been through Meisner can attest to their standard of good acting. But you should look at all the studios and read all the recommended books, because they're very different. We actually have someone in our year who transferred from Atlantic in the first few weeks. But that's not to say that Atlantic might not be a better fit for you personally.</p>

<p>How far away are the Adler, Atlantic and Meisner studios from main campus NYU? As students, can you explain your daily logistics? Do you need to travel much at night for rehersals, etc?</p>

<p>Wow, it's wonderful that students in different studios at Tisch are so passionate about the approaches being taught! That truly is great. But I think the reason there<em>are</em> different approaches in the first place is that not one single approach works best for everyone.</p>

<p>I can't explain the logistics or the schedule terribly well, because I don't understand them. </p>

<p>My son's in Adler. My impression is that studio work at Adler take up three (pretty full) days each week and he does not go near Washington Square on those days. He's taking Introduction to Theater and "Writing the Essay" on the other two days (I think) and on those days, i don't think he goes to the studio. But I could have all that wrong.</p>

<p>He lives in University Hall, which seems to be midway between Adler and Washington Square.</p>

<p>I get the impression that he and other students spend lot of time walking, riding the subway, day and evening. If you're concerned about safety, I think the horror stories about New York are greatly exaggerated. These kids are pretty safe and they seem quickly to become pretty street-savvy.</p>

<p>Meisner is at 19th and Bway, near Union Square. We have studio there 3 days a week, 9am til 6pm with an hour for lunch. The other two days we have academic classes which are generally located around the Washington Suqare area. The Tisch building is also near the Wash Sq area, at Bway and like 6th ish. First year we rehearse with partners so it's a case of going to each other's dorms, which are all within a 10 or so block radius. Second year, we have the studio show 2nd semester so we're at studio 7-10pm every other day for rehearsals as well as during the day for class. And I'm also in a Tisch mainstage show so I go to the Tisch building for rehearsals every night right now. A lot of people do Playwrights shows - that building is near Tisch. Most studios are closer to Union Square than Wash Sq (Except ETW and Playwrights), and I think most studios have rehearsals either at the studio or as homework.</p>

<p>Also, "main campus NYU" is Washington Square. And travel is part of daily life in New York. Honestly you can walk 10 or 15 blocks in as many minutes and it's really nothing. Everyone travels and everyone walks or takes the subway - it's not a big deal at all.</p>

<p> are rehearsing a Tisch mainstage show nightly now, right? I'm wondering, if by chance, are you in Only Children? If so, that would be funny after seeing you post on CC for some time now, but my D is also in Only Children. She is playing Wendy. Let me know if you are in it, as you for sure would know one another if you are! What are you playing (if you are in this same mainstage show...the musical)? I'll be seeing it and hope to meet you as a fellow CCer! (if you are in another mainstage show, sorry, but I'm not sure if there is another one rehearsing nightly now or not). I see a "Jenny D" on the cast list though! :)</p>

<p>Yes! That would be me! I'll see you there I guess! :)
Yeah I started posting here originally because I'm from the UK and had NO CLUE about the college process and procedures in the US. And I come back from time to time because I think things like this are fun.
I'm SO excited for this show. It's going to be truly truly incredible. Your daughter is very brave and is doing a great job with tough juicy material. Look forward to seeing you there!</p>

<p> is so funny to have "met" you on CC the last couple of years and that you ended up in a production with my own kid. I can't wait to see it. I am going to see it three times on two different trips to NYC. My daughter says the cast is great and that the experience has been incredible. It is very exciting to be part of a brand new musical and the development and reworking process. The director, writers, and musical director are excellent according to her and the level of professionalism is inspiring. Yes, the material is challenging and she is feeling more and more that she is capturing the part and growing and learning as an actor. I can't wait to see the show and I will make sure to ask my daughter to point out who you are if I can't figure it out myself. I know several students in the cast and so can eliminate them, LOL. Good luck with the remainder of the rehearsals and enjoy the stimulating process. From what my D says, the other actors are really great, and so that includes you. I'll have to remember to mention to her that I "met" a cast member of hers online!</p>

<p>You know, for an enormous school, it's surprising what a small world NYU, and Tisch in particular is. :)
Yes, everything she has told you about the amazingness of the process of working on a new musical, and this musical in particular with this group of people is 100% my feelings about it too. And I think pretty much everyone in the cast. The show is sold out already! Like, 4 days after tix went on sale. Just goes to show how excited EVERYONE is for it :)
Definitely see you there. I imagine I'll be pretty easy to find. I'm the British one! lol.</p>

<p>During the info session at my D's audition last week, they made it clear that incoming students don't really have a choice as to which Studio they are placed in. They can indicate which one they'd like, but in the end Tisch decides which one is the best fit for you. Glad to say, the auditioner, who was wonderful, indicated which Studios she thought D would compliment and would compliment her. No matter what, my D left the audition feeling great and happy they took the time to get to know her. If she's lucky enough to get in I'm sure they'll put her in the right one. :-)</p>

<p>But, it's good to know, JennyD123, that they were willing to let a student change in the first few weeks if it wasn't working out. Tells me that they're interested in the student they have now, not just the one they met 7 to 11 months before, at their audition.</p>

<p>SarasMom - I just want to echo JennyD123's words and, in a way yours as this was exactly what my D experienced and loves about NYU. It is a BIG school, but yet SMALL at the same time. </p>

<p>The people at Tisch are very accessible, and, as you also noticed during the audition process, they really care about their students, and want to make sure they are placed in the proper studio, so that they can thrive, learn and work to their maximum potential.</p>

<p>Sometimes people mistakenly assume that when a program is big, and the University large, that there is no interaction on a personal level.</p>

<p>I just wanna say I finally met JennyD (aka "Cutie-Pie") who was in the cast of the mainstage musical, Only Children. She is very talented and a delight to watch on stage. We even went out in a group after opening night. Congratulations to you, Jenny and your cast.</p>

<p>SarasMom, they ARE willing to let a student change after a few weeks if it is not working out but they have said this is very uncommon as most students come to really like their own studio once they are in it. As well, after the first two years of your primary studio, you can do another studio or an advanced studio and so many do more than one studio during their years at Tisch. Good luck to your daughter and I hope it works out as she hopes!</p>

<p>soozievt, I would assume that when you guys talk about students changing studios if the fit is wrong, that would not include moving from, say, Atlantic (just pulling one studio name out of a hat) into CAP21. :) Of course, I could be wrong. But my guess is that admissions to CAP21 are so competitive that a student who originally wanted CAP21 but did not get it should not enter NYU counting on making that move in the first few weeks, right? Just wanted to clarify in case any MTers here who don't get their first choice might be misled to think that they can do that early on. (I realize that some kids do move from acting studios to CAP21 after the second year.)</p>