Study Abroad For Engineers

<p>Why is the percentage So Low?</p>

<p>Guesses: engineers are less likely to have interest in study abroad than, say A&S (but not to say they are uninterested); more commitment to taking classes/less flexibility in schedule; less programs abroad for engineers;</p>

<p>Thanks Im thinkin about it...esp Jr Year fall semester.. as an engineer its pretty discouraging to know that less than 5 percent go</p>

<p>Hey, I'm an engineer who's going to be doing study abroad my junior fall, too. I think the main problem with engineers studying abroad is that
A. our schedules rarely have the flexibility to do it unless we have a lot of AP credit or take summer classes
B. studying engineering abroad is rather pointless when all the best engineering schools in the world are right here in America.</p>

<p>Personally, I'm not going to be doing one of the engineer-specific study abroad programs, but rather, one of the CAS ones, and maybe I can knock off a bunch of my liberal studies credits in the process.</p>