Study Abroad - Grade Conversions

<p>Does anyone have experience with how grading transfers back to your college? </p>

<p>Obviously, at some colleges, grades will be harder to get at the college where you're studying abroad.</p>

<p>Anyone who've gone ... can you share about if your converted grades went up a lot?</p>

<p>It varies with your home school. D's abroad grades were listed on her transcript but not calculated in her home school GPA. (Grad schools will doubtlessly re-calculate her GPA using the abroad grades as posted.) I have no idea what UCLA's policy is...I'd contact the registrar's office.</p>

<p>Short answer: it depends. Some colleges do not even accept grades from study abroad, opting instead to just accept the credits on a pass/fail system. Other schools convert the grades and each college has its own system for doing so. You have to find out the answer from your school's registrar office (and the study abroad office might be able to give you guidance as well). It is very important to find this information out before going abroad.</p>