Study abroad housing Madrid?

<p>My friend has a student about to embark on a semester in Madrid. The home college is helpful up to a point, but assumes young adults can find housing in places where the study is just "affiliated" not run by the college. My friend is at wits end to help kid find housing in Madrid. I'm sure the kid would handle it but parents need to at least know where their child is going to be sleeping. Any thoughts or kids there who can help find room mates ?</p>

<p>A very good source of all things about living in Madrid is madridman. There is a message board there and lots of helpful posters. Not sure if it's okay to give the link.</p>

<p>I have no idea if this is the case in Madrid, but so countries/cities do not allow foreigners to rent without a local that will sponsor them. I would check with the universities in Madrid and see if that offer housing for students studying abroad. Maybe check with US universities that do have their own programs in Madrid in hopes that they have extra host families or a list of apartment.</p>

<p>My daughter studied in Madrid, but her school provide a host family. I can not imagine trying to find house in a foreign country! My nephew is in Chili working on a Masters, and he ended up on another student's floor for 2 weeks while trying to secure housing. After he and his roommate got a sponsor through the rotary club, which provided their scholarships for their program, finally they were able to move into a apartment. Then they waited about another 2 weeks to get internet.</p>