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Hello. My D22 was accepted to K-college EA. She is very interested in study abroad program and K college seem to focus a lot on study abroad program, which is very nice. - if anybody here knows, my question is when students are on study abroad program during junior year, they have to pay additional study abroad fees on top of normal K college tuition, room and board etc. We are trying to figure out the cost if she goes to K college. If anybody could advise, I’d appreciate it!

I might suggest you call their study abroad office and ask.

This is on their website though:

For Kalamazoo College students participating in a long-term Kalamazoo College study abroad program, the comprehensive fee for 2021-2022 is $43,272; for an extended-term Kalamazoo College program, the 2021-2022 fee is $43,272. The fee for students participating in Kalamazoo College 2021-21 fall, spring and winter short-term programs is $21,636. Fees for CIP-sponsored International Study Seminars will be noted on the program description and may vary according to the program’s itinerary. Fees for study away vary by program and can be found on the CIP website.

The comprehensive fee includes room and board while classes are in session, all academic tuition and fees, and excursions included as part of the academic program

Thank you for your reply. Yeah I saw that in website and I think ultimately we need to talk with school as I know each person’s situation is different. It sounds study abroad program is a big part of K college so it would be nice if we only has to pay study abroad fee and not college tuition during that program, but that is probably unlikely the case.

Oh yeah you’ll definitely pay tuition. I don’t know if there will be extra fees…beyond travel etc. it says tuition is within the fee they quote.

Do they have their own campus abroad ? Hopefully you can enroll in local schools, not a campus where you go to school with only Americans on foreign soil.

You would just pay the study abroad fees that include tuition. You don’t pay the school to hold your place, if that is what you were thinking. Many schools will also allow your financial
aid - merit/grant to also apply to the program fees. If if interest, you may find out info in the financial aid pages.

Thank you both for your reply. It sounds that we pay tuition overseas along with other fees but while she is gone from US, she doesn’t have to pay tuition here. We still have to weigh all the options to decide which colleges to go to etc but k college 80% doing study abroad is very interesting.

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