Study Abroad Programs in Germany

<p>I'm seeking information for a young family friend who is studying German. His school promotes a year-long program (jr. year) that won't work for him. He is an athlete and isn't prepared to give up his sport. He would prefer a semester abroad or, perhaps more ideally, a summer program. We are only beginning our research, so any first-hand experience or other sound information this forum could provide would be appreciated!</p>

<p>Rutgers and Duke have a program they co-sponsor in Berlin. They have a six week summer program. This is information from last year, but you can check back to find out about 2009:</p>

<p>The</a> Department of Germanic, Russian, and East European Languages and Literatures</p>

<p>If you don't need the college credit and just want good language classes the Goethe Insitutes are quite good. Goethe-Institut Learn</a> German in Germany – German courses and exams - Learn German at the Goethe-Instituts in Germany</p>

<p>Last summer, my son took part in a German program called DAAD-RISE. The program consists of paid, summer undergraduate internships in the sciences and engineering. If these subject areas are of interest, check out their website DAAD</a> - wandel durch austausch - change by exchange - cambio por intercambio. It was a great experience for my son.</p>

<p>...bumping this thread as we are 'shopping' for similar programs--summer programs only for us. I'm also wondering if anybody knows which program for German study abroad is recommended by Penn. I'm told it's a great program, but don't know the name.</p>