Study Abroad Transcripts (certified translations?)

<p>I'm applying to some Romance Studies / Spanish & Portuguese PhD programs. Almost all of the programs that I have seen require certified English translations of any foreign transcripts... and almost all the programs to which I have chosen to apply require *all post-secondary transcripts. </p>

<p>Has anybody dealt with this before? My transcripts from Spain came withOUT certified translations; I imagine it will be very expensive to get this done. Any advice / suggestions?</p>

<p>(PS - the courses from Spain DO appear on my main transcript, in English, with grades and credit hours)</p>


<p>If they appear on your main transcript in full, you may not have to submit them, but call the admissions office and ask - they're always very helpful with that kind of stuff. However, if they do want a certified translation, it's not expensive - google translators in your area and ask for quotes. I had mine done abroad at a ridiculously overpriced translation center in two hours for $100, but it was a complete foreign transcript (all of undergrad). Spanish should be a cheap language to translate from and since it's only a semester (or two?) of study abroad, it shouldn't be that expensive at all.</p>

<p>Thanks kigali! I've got quite a few calls to make... but it's worth it!</p>