Study Abroad

<p>Can anyone tell me about their study abroad experiences with STM? It appears that all programs are through other schools or outside agencies although the stats do say that one third of all students do study abroad. It also appears that most are language-based. Anyone have particulars with a science major? </p>

Hello NEPatsGirl–

Check out our student blogs-- especially since we have some students blogging while abroad! (currently Susanna in England and Kathryn in Spain but others have listed that they have studied abroad in their bios! Reach out to them directly through their blogs or Twitter-- I’m sure they’d love it!)

Regarding opportunities for science majors-- Saint Michael’s College is also an affiliate member of the School for Field Studies (, which provides semester-long and summer programs in natural resource ecology and management at its field stations in Costa Rica, Mexico, the Turks & Caicos Islands (in the eastern Caribbean), Australia and Kenya! You are correct that all of our programs are in collaboration with other universities and programs that are well established and evaluated internally.

There are a mix of language-based programs but even more that do not require the acquisition/study of a language! :smile: There are many research and internship opportunities offered through many of our programs abroad!

Hope that’s helpful!

Best regards,

Jeremy Brown
Associate Director of Admission