study biz!!!!! help me to choose~



<p>MSU ?</p>


<p>all 4 biz school admitted me no fin aid at all</p>

<p>which to go</p>

<p>consider the social life and campus setting</p>

<p>help help help</p>

<p>May 1st is coming</p>

<p>Not Michigan State and Not Case Western.</p>

<p>COME TO PENN STATE :) The School Spirit is probably one of the best in the Nation.</p>

<p>I'm going there next year. and let me tell you,, I think Penn State is alot more well respected as an institution than Purdue.</p>

<p>Campus setting you can't beat at PSU. Plus,,Just think being one of 100,000 Nittny Lions Football Fans Packed into Joe-Pa Stadium.</p>

<p>B-school + social life + (awesome) campus setting = Michigan State U., period.</p>

<p>Id choose PSU (I have decided to go there over Case, but for engineering)....Angeline where ya from?</p>

<p>Angeline from Shanghai , PR China</p>

<p>Interesting, acangeline. On that note, let me throw in that Michigan State has tons of international students which is, in part, fuled by MSU's huge study abroad program -- largest in the USA.</p>