Study for critical reading?

<p>i did pretty bad on this section on saturday PSATs.... and my goal is a perfect score.
my writing score increased a lot when i used kaplans sat II writing book but i dont think there are many instructive books on critical reading out there?</p>

<p>ive heard just to read a lot... but that kind of sounds like BS to me... maybe not?</p>


<p>yes, start reading every spare moment of your life, forget the outside world and start reading, u will get a perfect score...</p>

<p>this is what i'm doing</p>

<p>The Sat. PSAT critical reading owned me...</p>

<p>Besides memorizing long lists of SAT vocab, i'm just going to do a log of CR sections on practice tests and thoroughly go through all answers/explanations</p>

<p>Reading is definitely a good idea, because you'll remember how words are used in sentences (even if you don't know the exact denotation) and be able to use that knowledge to complete sentences.</p>

<p>I'd like to know of a good CR book, though, as I don't have the time for leisurely reading, nor really the will (most of the time).</p>

<p>youll learn how use are words correctly... but so what.... you dont really need to know how words are used correctly for the SAT.... </p>

<p>more comprehension/ability to focus/compare etc....</p>


<p>ooooh i just saw a kaplan critical reading workbook for the new SAT... im sure that would be very helpful</p>