Study Game Plan for Chem Olympiad (UNSCO Prep)

I am currently a sophomore taking AP Chem who wants to train and prepare for Chem Olympiad next year (2021) because I love chem so so much. My first goal is to get into the US study camp (which I know has gotten really hard in recent years). I wanted to start a new thread for this despite older threads because they are mostly outdated and maybe there is some more recent info on study camp.
I am specifically wanting to develop a game plan for how I can best utilize time and study. I would greatly greatly appreciate if people with previous experience could give me suggestions on what they have found most beneficial for them and what I should definitely do, as well as the order of doing those things.
Thank you so much!! Any and all advice is appreciated greatly!!

Oh also, I forgot to mention that I am using Raymond and Chang’s Chemistry 12th edition - thorough reading and solving problems. Has anyone used this book before and what are your thoughts on how beneficial it is for Chem Oly. Do I still need to read Zumdahl or Atkins if I had read this?

I would really appreciate some help!!

My DC is also new to the Chem Olympiad and planning to study for the 2021 exams. They were able to buy a number of the recommended texts, including Zumdahl and Atkins, used online for next to nothing. Sometimes they had to get an older edition in order to get them for a reasonable price. They also have the Barron’s AP Chem Flashcards.

Does your school have an ChemO club or group with an advisor? DC’s school doesn’t. Although their teacher is supportive, she can’t offer much guidance on how/what to study or on strategy. What state are you in? Your local chapter, if active, may have some resources or coaching available. Unfortunately, our state does not look very active from what I can see on the ACS website.

no, i’m independently doing it

IF YOU WERE A PREVIOUS CAMPER/HONORS/HIGH HONORS please some input on above questions would be much appreciated!!
Especially recent campers cuz the level of the exam is getting harder very year.

Good that you love chemistry. USNCO prep is brutal otherwise.

Since you’ve got AP Chemistry done, looking through Raymond’s is pretty solid. I used Raymond’s and got the impression that if you understood everything in it, you had a good shot at making Semis (no way I personally had the time or love for the subject to seriously grind through the book though, but suffice to say I tried hah). As for camp, I have no idea if that book is enough but keep in mind pretty much all Science Olympiad campers generally are operating under a level of at least 1st or 2nd year undergrad level of science in their respective subjects or something, so be prepared

I would also be interested.

I have been doing past local and Part I exams and have been scoring 50+ thus far in a few of them I have taken. I am interested in knowing what the cutoffs are and how I could better utilize my time to quality for part 2 and possibly beyond.

I appreciate any pointers from previous contestants.