Study Habits + Daily Routines

<p>From what I see, a lot you guys have taken 5+ AP classes and self studies… and extracurriculars, etc........ =v=</p>

<p>How did everyone manage time and stress with that amount of workload? Did you start homework right after school? How much time did you spend on each subject per day? Did anyone take naps/hang out with friends? How much sleep did everyone get, etcetc? ; ;</p>

<p>I only had 1 AP class this year this was normal routine and weekdays: = o =
5:00 wake up, school at 7
2:00 come home
3:00 start homework/studying
5:00 dinner
6-7:00 gym
~distracted until........
9:00 finish homework/studying >//<
11:00 clean, sleep</p>

<p>I took AP Calc BC, APCS, AP Physics, AP Eng Lang, APUSH
7- Wake up
8- Go to school
4- Come home from wrestling practice
4 -6 Goof off
6 Dinner
8 Start HW
10 -Finish HW
12- Sleep.</p>

<p>Senior year, I took 7 AP classes (well, 8, if you count the 1 semester courses separately) and my schedule was</p>

<p>7:00 AM: wake up
8:20 AM: classes start
4:30 PM: get home and mess around
5:30 PM: take a nap
6:30 PM: wake up and start homework
(dinner/shower some time between homework and bed)
4:00 AM: sleep</p>

<p>That said, I often find myself wasting time between 6:30 and 4, so it's not as intense as it sounds.</p>

<p>My school gives 3 weeks off to study for exams.
I took 9 AP/IB exams.</p>


<p>5:30am- wake up
5:30-10:00pm study
10:00-5:30am- sleep</p>

<p>...and the cycle continues</p>

<p>Wow swimHYPW, you are quite lucky.
Well i was pretty lax, only 3 AP's(Lit,Gov,Stats) and envi sci self study</p>

<p>6:00 - wake up
8:00 - school
3:45 - come home
3:45-5:00 - do random things
5:00 - 8:00 - play piano
8:00 - 8:30 - munch on food
8:30 - 10:00 - do homework, if I have the energy.(95% of the time I don't)</p>

<p>honestly, since I only took 3 AP's, doing homework at my house was almost entirely unnecessary. Basically I just spent homeroom(30 min) bsing my homework each day.</p>

<p>during the 2 months before AP exams, however....</p>

<p>6:00 - wake up
8:00 - school
3:30 - get to library, study
6:30-7:00 - munch on a sammich
7:00-9:30 - study</p>

<p>so, my grades aren't the best, but I always end up doing good on AP exams(mostly because I completely screw my other classes) </p>

<p>Really all school is is a place for you to be spoon fed information. And really it's pointless, and thus why I rarely, if ever, do homework :D
...then again, my grades suck. :p</p>

<p>My schedule:</p>

<p>7:00 wake up
7:45 leave for school
8:30 - 3:00 school
3:30 - 9:00 homework/study - Plus 1 hour of robotics tennis and/or piano every day
9:30 sleep</p>

<p>In recent days it got way out of whack, but that was more due to extra procrastination than extra work. I took 7 AP tests this year (sophomore).</p>

<p>I hang out with my friends a lot, but on the weekends.
Grades OK, but a lot more A- than I would like.</p>

5:30 Wake up
5:45 Jog
6:45 Wake Up
7:15 Leave For School
7:45-3:05 School
3:10-5:30 Speech team, Science Olympiad, other extra curriculars.<br>
5:45 Eat
6:00 Nap
7:00 Homework/Mess around
12:00 Bed
(During second semester only)
7:00-9:30 Volleyball
10:00 Homework
1:00 Bed</p>

<p>My second semester is pretty messed up, but I love everything I do so it'll stay that way. Saturdays are Speech meets, Volleyball Games, and other competition things which take up almost all of that day. Sundays are soup kitchen in the morning and sleeping and relaxing in the afternoon. Nine is when I start homework on Sunday. Almost all A's with maybe one B in one class, one semester every year.</p>

<p>I had 6 AP's, and I would study whenever I could, especially in the month or two leading up to the tests, whether it be at school, home, wherever. But I would have to say that I got my best studying through during the weekends, and most especially late at night.</p>

<p>I just don't get how you guys can function with 5 hours of sleep. I have to sleep at least 8 hours a day. I never take naps, though. Would that have anything to do with being able to sleep for that much less?</p>

<p>I took 4 APs this year. My weekday schedule, in its most basic form, consisted of:</p>

<p>5:00 AM Wake up
6:00 AM Seminary (LDS)
7:00 AM Go to school
3:00 PM Get home
4:00 PM Do homework
8:00 PM Eat dinner
8:30 PM Practice piano
10:00 PM Bed</p>

<p>An hour of homework for each AP is basically what it came down to on a weekly basis. Most of my fun came in on the weekends this year.</p>