Study Material(s) - English Comp

What book should I use for studying English Comp?

I did a practice test, and my score was high enough to get credit for Comp 1 + 2, but I want to be safe. I wasn’t far enough above the requirement to feel secure.

I want to learn all aspects of English Comp that may be useful for the CLEP exam.

Do you mean College Composition (which has two required typewritten essays built into the exam which causes a delay in scoring) or College Composition Modular (offers two optional handwritten essays and not included in the score)? These are two completely different tests and your school may only grant credit for one of them.

College Composition
FHSU Minimum Score Required: One Semester of Credit = 50 / Two Semesters of Credit = 59
Credit Granted: One Semester of Credit (3 credit hours total): English Composition I (ENG 101)–3 credit hrs. / Two Semesters of Credit (6 credit hours total): English Composition I (ENG 101)–3 credit hrs. and English Composition II (ENG 102)–3 credit hrs.

It’s hard to study for, but it might help to review MLA format, there were several questions on that. Also, I highly recommend having 4-5 possible essay examples in mind beforehand that can be twisted to fit different essay questions. Most people find it very difficult to write the essay in 30 minutes and you don’t want to waste any time sitting there brainstorming topics. I have basically all of the Hamilton soundtrack memorized, so I went in there planning to use Hamilton’s life as an example for something - and I did!