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<p>okay I haven't been studying for the SAT which I plan to re-take in October. I got a 1780 (my first try , international student) and I really want a 2000+ (will probably settle for a 1900 - mid to high 1900s that is) . I need the best study plan there is to achieve this and I need people who are positive to help me with this to achieve this goal. Please help Also post links on things I can read to help boost my CR score it was the lowest (580) . Thanks in advance</p>

<p>I have no links but can you give me links to CR questions you have trouble with! I'm in desperate need of reading SAT passages!</p>

<p>Maybe we can both benefit--if you post some, I can help you out.</p>

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<p>@antonioray thnx i'll post if i need help :)</p>

<p>anyone else ??</p>

<p>Can someone help me please</p>

<p>the blue book. do as many of the practice tests as you can, and see which ones you're messing up on and look at the explanations in the back. that's all I did, and got 2300+</p>

<p>Thank you suvayanr Is there any other advice from anyone??</p>

<p>any other help plz</p>

<p>Did you read the stickied threads?</p>

<p>stickied threads ??</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>My guide is also linked there, but I'll post it here too: <a href=""&gt;;/a>. You should find some good general information on preparation and strategy there.</p>

<p>thank you silverturtle..... do you think i have enuf time if i start tomorrow??</p>

<p>Yeah, a lot can happen in a couple months.</p>

Yeah, a lot can happen in a couple months.


words of wisdom</p>

<p>^^ That's what she said.</p>

<p>Thanks so much for your help... reading your guide now... Can anyone help make a plan on what I should do each day so that I can raise my score?? Also any other advice is good too :)</p>


<p>i started off at around 1800 and in 1.5 months i ended up at a 1980 on the March 2010 SAT. Here is what i did:
I used Barrons: How to Prepare for the SAT 2007-2008 (old, i know), i memorized all the concepts and tips and tricks and practiced them on about 2 Barrons SAT practice tests. </p>

<p>Then i just went on and used the BB (College Board Book) and took a test, then learned from the mistakes i made and went over BARRONS AGAIN. I repeated this process for all 8 tests in there. For the essay, don't use Barrons. i went online and i memorized an essay format that i used on all my essays. I think a CC guy made it too, its called "how to get a 12 on your SAT essay" or something. I ended up getting a 10 and i wrote 1.75 pages.</p>

<p>Ok so basically i used Barrons Complete Guide and BB. I used this and got a 1980 from a 1800. I memorized about 40 "SAT words" in total that were from the Barrons "most frequent list"</p>

<p>I AM NOT TELLING YOU TO DO THIS. I just want you to know this is what i did. Here are my individual score: CR 600, W 660, M 720
i could have gotten a 750 for math but i read a root(25) as a normal 25 . =(
nyways, GLUCK</p>

<p>THANK YOU salzahrah .... It helped actually :)</p>