Studying abroad and national student clearinghouse..

Hi, illness and my parents messy divorce ruined my 11th grade year and I didn’t get to take the SAT. To get into college without the SAT my advisor told me to enroll in the local community college and take some classes. I unexpectedly ended up homeless and got a 1.8 gpa because I couldn’t turn in my online finals.
I ended up taking the SAT and got 1190. I wish I’d never enrolled in CC and had just taken the SAT. My grade is tainted.
What would happen if I enrolled internationally, in Canada or something and omitted that transcript? Could they still look me up? From what I understand the national student clearinghouse is a US thing.

So, just to clarify: you want to apply as a 1st year student with an 1180 and whatever your high school GPA was, yes? and you want to do that so that you don’t have to admit to your CC GPA, yes? , and you are hoping that international schools won’t be able to tell that you are lying when you sign that you have completed the application accurately & honestly?

Leaving aside the not-insignificant moral questions, let’s start with the practical ones: have you identified any international universities that will accept you with an 1180 + your HS GPA, and that you can afford?

Most international colleges won’t care that you enrolled in a community college.
They WILL want to know your HS GPA, any AP scores ( because international universities often want AP scores) and SAT score.
However do you mean attend a college (university) in Canada or elsewhere?
In Canada, you could apply to the Simon Fraser/Langara program. Or to Lethbridge, UNBC, or Acadia.

I’m debating just explaining what happened and lying. I do have a few colleges that I’m going to apply to, both domestic and international. My financial situation is a lot better now, I’ve done my research.
I know it’s immoral to omit the information, but I also don’t think anyone will believe my story. ?‍♂️ I guess I’m just screwed either way, huh?

If universities ask, you must tell. Not all will be interested.
Look at the universities I listed above.
Regardless, the Fraser/Langara program is a good one and, no, you’re not screwed either way.
You need to lay things out as you did above, in plain language, and Indicate the circumstances have changed so you can finally resume learning.

In Europe no university will care.

On the US you MUST disclose the information.

Where are you thinking of going?

@jackdaw07 , three important questions are 1) how much cash can you/your family pay to attend college, 2)what types of colleges do you want to attend. 3)Major or educational interests?

  1. This is pretty straightforward. Can you pay $20K/year, $8K/yr, $0/yr or something else?

  2. Do you have your sights unrealistically set on Top 40 universities? Regional public universities? Small liberal arts colleges? Do you care if the enrollment is 1500, 10,000 or 30,000 students? Name some specific schools you think you might be interested in.

  3. What do you want to major in? If you don’t have a specific major in mind, specify if you have favorite classes like math or psychology. Also, do you have any special interests you’d like to continue in college, such as theater, music, clubs?

There are likely many options in America, but it will likely take some time, planning, and flexibility on your end.

A lot of people make mistakes. The key is to move forward from the mistake, and not to wallow in it.

First things first. @MYOS1634 and others will have useful ideas for you, but we need more details. So far, what I understand from your threads is this: you come from an abusive household. Your freshman & sophomore GPA were low (1.8?) but your junior & senior year were higher (~3.7). You started cc but lost your family home to foreclosure before finals and couldn’t turn in finals from the shelter so you failed which makes your cc GPA low (a 1.8?). Is that correct?

Are you in a safe place now? That has to come before everything. You did well the last 2 years of high school, so that shows you can be successful academically. You may have to start by taking a class or two at a time at another cc as you can afford them to improve your record, but don’t lie to them about what’s there. You can contact their transfer office and briefly explain your background. Their job is to help students succeed. You won’t be the first student they’ve met who’s faced challenges. What state are you in?

I’ve researched ever since the community college problem.
I’m looking for something around 15k a year. A smaller/mid size university; around 5,000-10,000 students.
I’ll likely be majoring in biology, and minoring in graphic design, or being part of the art scene on campus.

I was thinking of
Colorado State
Southern Oregon University (Reach in price)
University of Alaska system (Southeast or Fairbanks)


Yes, all of the above is correct. I’m doing a lot better now, it took about 3 years but I feel like my life is finally stable. Now I feel like I’m missing out on experiences by not being able to go to actual college, and that I’m getting too old.
I’m in Colorado. I’ve been talking to the CC, (PPCC) I was enrolled in. I just tried to appeal my grades- still waiting to hear their decision.

I was actually considering UNBC, I briefly looked at Fraser, might dig deeper into researching it though, thank you.

The ones in the US I’m considering are SOU, Colorado State, UCCS, and University of Alaska.

I’ll likely not lie about my history, I don’t think I could morally do it.

OOS colleges will likely be too expensive. Are your parents willing/able to help pay for school? If so, how much will they pay per year? Do you live with one of them or on your own?

I live with my mom and her fiance, I’m not sure how much they’re willing to pay but I specifically picked colleges where I know I can cover the rest of the cost with federal loans, and not need to take out private loans. Federal are more forgiving.

Some of the Canadian schools mentioned above are relatively inexpensive, similar to in-state prices at some US public universities. Take the exchange rate into consideration when you look at prices.

The larger universities in Canada will require SAT scores for students from the USA. The smaller schools that we looked at were all SAT optional except for Acadia which does not consider the SAT at all. We did not look at UNBC (it is a long way from where we live – Canada is big).

How much can you afford? You will need to show that you can afford your education in order to get a student visa to study in Canada.

I think that you can be honest and still get into some good schools.

If you apply for and receive federal loans to attend a university in Canada then you will be on record in the system. To get need based aid at the few Canadian universities that offer it to internationals you will need to submit the FAFSA. Either way you will be on record.

15k a year.
I do have SAT scores, I think that’s where you got confused. The problem is- before that, my advisor had me enroll in a community college that was SAT-optional then transition to my state school (Colorado State). I tried to do that, but my life went of screwy, and I ended up with F’s. I wish I had never done that and had just taken the SAT. I got an okay score on it which would be fine without the F’s.

I also have attended from a small art school for one semester before deciding art wasn’t for me.

The schools I’m considering are mostly Colorado State, and UNBC. I’ve looked at the others you mentioned online before but I’ll give them another look. I’m aware I have to prove my financial stability and I’ve done my research on aid in both countries.

I was asking what would happen to me in the US (my home country) Or Canada if I left either transcript off my application. Not that I’m going to do it as I’ve also read the horror stories about students being expelled and taken to court, just asking if it’s worth the risk.

Nobody here is going to tell you to lie. If you’re not planning to do it, why does it matter if anyone thinks getting expelled or losing your degree is “worth the rest”?

It’s not worth the risk, and the risk is high. You’re getting your life back on track – don’t mess it up by such a stupid, worthless risk.
Own up to your F’s and say it plainly: you were a typical freshman then life hit you full force with tragedies, you couldn’t handle college, not even to properly withdraw. You got lots of F’s. Now you’ve solved your issues and grown; you want to return to college.

I suggest you look into the Langara- Simon Fraser partnership.

What is your end goal? Bio undergrad degrees don’t get you much.