Studying abroad for multiple years?

<p>Or does it depend on the campus/program?</p>

<p>Yes, the program you are in does make a difference. For instance, the Business and Political Economy major in Stern requires more semesters abroad (one in Shanghai, one in London). Also, some LSP students spend time in other countries before studying in NYU Manhattan. Likewise, more study abroad semesters for the Global Liberal Studies major than the "average" one semester abroad for students of CAS.</p>

<p>Of course, students can choose to do more or fewer semesters abroad depending on their program requirements and interests, along with their ability to complete general education and major requirements in the study abroad locations.</p>

<p>The Global Liberal Studies major allows students to go abroad their freshman year if they choose, in addition to their junior year (required). If the GLS student doesn't want to go abroad freshman year they will still go abroad junior year.</p>

<p>Thanks for the replies guys. In general, how competitive is GLS relative to CAS? And after the first year of studying abroad, do GLS students automatically transfer into CAS?</p>

<p>whoops, found the answer for my latter question, never mind that.</p>

<p>I'm planning on applying to CAS, but I really want to do several semesters abroad in Shanghai (in part due to my interests and my family's international business background). Would this be considered unusual for most CAS kids?</p>

<p>"Several" semesters will entail a lot of pre-planning and still may not be do-able. Depending on your major(s)/ minor (if any) and what is offered in Shanghai related to your major(s)/ minor.</p>

<p>Most people go abroad for one semester (maybe even two semesters) and fulfill their general education requirements with the likelihood that only a limited number of courses for their major can be taken in the study abroad site.</p>

<p>This plan of yours will mean you have to know what you will major/ minor in from the get go and what courses in your major(s)/ minor are offered in Shanghai. You also have to plan well in advance in order to fulfill all your general ed requirements, making sure many are offered in Shanghai. You would have to think about which courses are offered only in NYU Manhattan and plan well to be able to take these courses while you are in NYC. For instance, I am not sure there is a "Writing the Essay" in Shanghai. Though I am guessing here. You can look at NYU Shanghai to see a list of course offerings if you google it.</p>

<p>It seems that studying abroad for more than two semesters will require much more involved and complex planning and decision-making early on about your major(s) and what you want to study. You also have to determine what residency requirements there are from your major dept. And you may not be able to explore more than one major or take any minors due to scheduling problems.</p>

<p>You would have to talk to an advisor early on. Perhaps even emailing your regional admissions counselor now to inquire about this matter to see if NYU CAS can meet your needs for study abroad experiences.</p>

<p>Here is the GLS website.</p>

<p>Global</a> Liberal Studies</p>

<p>I think this would be the best location to answer your question(s) regarding studying abroad multiple semesters. I'm an incoming student to the GLS program and due to it's novelty I did a lot of research about how the abroad portion works but to avoid me rambling extensively the website I insist is the best place to start.</p>