Studying Abroad in South Korea (High School)

Hi everyone! I’m currently a sophomore in high school and want to study abroad for a school year in S. Korea my senior year of high school.

Note: I do know that the education in S. Korea is extremely tough in comparison to U.S.'s system of education. I had spoken to my parents about studying abroad, and they are fully supporting my idea. I addressed to them everything about the education system in S. Korea so they are aware as well. My GC also knows that I want to study abroad, and is currently looking at our school’s requirements to do so.

I’m currently self-teaching myself Korean (about 30 mins-1 hour a day), but I am very scared I will not be proficient enough when comes my senior year, as well as not having enough math and science skills to do well in school in S. Korea (I am currently in geometry, and they learn Calculus senior year).

Has anyone been in my current situation? I want some reassurance or a reality check-- if I am actually capable of study abroad. Am I too far behind to consider traveling abroad?

EDIT: I forgot to add this in my original post-- I do not want to go to S. Korea exclusively for their pop culture- I love learning, and learning in a different country would be an amazing experience.

It’s not a good idea. I am very familiar with this issue. You can PM me with following details if you want honest advice or opinion:

  1. What do you want to learn there?
  2. What is your ethnic background?
  3. Will your grades at a Korean high school count towards your American high school transcript?
  4. How much can you understand when you read a Korean newspaper? Or watch Korean news?
  5. Where will you be staying?

Classes are all taught in Korean and each class is ~40 minutes, so the teacher goes really, really fast (speaking wise). If you’re not fluent in Korean, your grades will suffer (all the problems / tests are in Korean). I suggest doing this venture in college after learning Korean for four years.

If you haven’t yet, you may want to read the smartest kids in the world by Amanda Ripley It follows three exchange students as a way to explore education systems around the world and one kid went to South Korea. Definitely a mixed bag experience wise.