Studying Abroad

<p>How does studying abroad work in the quarter system? How many students end up going abroad? And a rather odd question... Do they offer Hindi?</p>

<p>Well, I plan on hopefully fufilling my civilization studies requirement while abroad...but there are a ton of programs nonaffiliated with core requirements, and I'm pretty sure they offer Hindi, among like 50 other languages.</p>

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<p>Hindi courses</p>

<p>10100-10200-10300. First-Year Hindi I, II, III. This course presents basic grammar of Hindi, the Nagari writ ing system, conversation practice, oral drill, written exercises, lab work, and simple reading. The Urdu writing system is introduced in the spring quarter.</p>

<p>20100-20200-20300. Second-Year Hindi I, II, III. PQ: HIND 10300 or equivalent. The intermediate Hindi course presupposes a knowledge of the basic grammar of Hindi and requires a fair amount of reading and translating Hindi prose, along with discussion of advanced topics in Hindi grammar. Regular attention is given to conversation and composition. Texts in Hindi. The class meets for three hours a week.</p>

<p>30100-30200-30300. Third-Year Hindi I, II, III. </p>

<p>40100-40200-40300. Fourth-Year Hindi I, II, III. </p>

<li>Readings: Advanced Hindi.</li>

<p>You may be interested in this as well: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>i do know that the South Asian study abroad program is 10 weeks long, the full Fall quarter. In Pune, India, you get to complete the civ req and get a class of hindi in. For me, its perfect b/c i get to go home for a quarter!!</p>

<p>I wonder if there are pre-reqs to getting in these - and if there is a limit to the number of students to get to go.</p>

<p>uchicago offers its own study abroad programs that operate either by the quarter or are year long terms. other programs through the university, like the asssociation of midwest colleges or something like that also offer some at uc and they operate by the semester. in this case, you go for the semester and either have to hurry back to be in two more quarters at uc or just skip one and that year, for you, is one semester and one quarter. also, you can participate in other universitys' programs or other private ones which usually go by the semester. uc will deicde whether to give you credit for such programs on an individual basis.</p>