Studying for my AP tests?!?!?!?!? and SAT

<p>Less than two months to the AP tests.
I got 7 of them: AP western civ, Calc BC, Micro, Macro, Physics C mech, Chem, Lang n Comp</p>

<p>I need 5s for all of them if I can. I'm a pretty good math person and a pretty crappy english and history person.</p>

<p>I also got science olympiad and tennis practices/meets that would burn my time. </p>

<p>I got the SAT IIs (chem and MAth ii) before the AP tests may 3</p>

<p>Then, there's the SAT in june 7.
I think I'm totally screwed because I'm really bad at reading and writing and I would have like a couple of weeks to study for it.</p>

<p>But please help out with some advice/comments</p>

<p>I would study for the SAT verbal. Maybe do one practice test on the writing. Also, for all of the test, study the types of questions and the "rules"- test length in time and number of questions, whether wrong answers reduce your score, etc. That will help more than studying material. You have so many tests that truly, you do not have time to study material for most of them.</p>