Studying for the 2020 SSAT

Hi guys, I am taking the SSAT on January 4th 2020, and I wanted to know what people recommend for studying. I know there are other threads but they weren’t very helpful. I am looking for studying in general on the test, but I will focus more on the Language Arts/ Verbal section. I already have the Official SSAT Online Study Guide and I am looking into buying books from Princeton and Kaplan. Advice would be greatly appreciated!

Hey, I made a Quizlet folder for vocab! If you want we can study together ahhhh I have the Oct and Dec test dates and I’m NOT FAILING VERBAL. Message me and I can send it to you! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! Btw what schools are you applying to?

Basically all the TSAOS, Pennington, and Peddie!

ahhhh svvsvsvsv

The scores just came today by the way! I ended up doing way better than I thought I did. Oh and cool! I’m applying to Peddie too.

What’d you end up getting for the SSAT?