Studying for US History Test in Two Weeks

Hello. I’m sorry if this is a little long, but here goes.

I am applying to some schools that are mandating a subject test, and I have until December 5th to study, as this was a last resort to get into my top-choice colleges due to COVID and SAT/ACT cancelations. I need to earn a score of 600 or higher, and I also need to do this all while writing a research paper, studying for an AP class, and keeping my grades up for college.

Now I wanted to say I did not have spring break at all last year in March 2020 (I had to come home from study abroad early because of coronavirus (the experience was amazing itself though) and needed a week to adjust,) I did summer school for the entire summer to make up classes I missed abroad, and the week I did have was spent in pain and fear as I recovered from surgery, so I didn’t have summer either. This makes me feel so burnt out to this day, and now I won’t have a Thanksgiving break this year because I have to study for the SAT. Nor will I enjoy a winter break either because now my finals are after break, again due to COVID.

So, with all that said, how can I possibly absorb 600 years of facts and people and everything in my already burnt-out mind, which will not relax again until April 2021, for a huge test which will determine my future, when I have never really scored well on tests?

Thanks so much.

If this is McGill, I recommend following their “test optional assessment”:

I’ll be interested to hear if it’s elsewhere, as McGill was the last I knew of that had this requirement. (They also list a 600 American History score, I’ve never seen anyone else call out a specific minimum).

If you have not taken a US History course and are trying to cram for this in two weeks from scratch - I don’t know if that’s achievable.