Studying graphic design either University of Cincinnati (DAAP) or Northern Kentucky University

<p>I am majoring in Graphic Design and I can't make up my mind as to which school I should attend, here's a brief description of the two schools</p>

<p>UC (DAAP): Pretty difficult to get accepted. 5 years with a mandatory co-op program. You are reqiured to co-op on and off while attending school there</p>

<p>NKU: Easily accepted but you must pass admittance reviews to continue in the major. You must pass one to get a BA and another to get a BFA so you must produce good work while your there or I'm guessing they don't let you continue. It's a 4 year program and they do have co-op/internships but it is not mandatory like it is at UC.</p>

<p>Also, I have herd many good things about DAAP. While at NKU I've herd they have a pretty good design program as well, some of my teachers say it's a little better if not the same but just not as well known. Please let me know your opinions, thanks!</p>

<p>Have you been accepted at both? If yes, no question - go to UC. If you haven’t applied yet, what is the harm in applying to both? Search for posts by Taxguy if you want a perspective on DAAP. </p>