Studying in empty classrooms

<p>Do you people do it? I oftentimes try to study in them but I end up falling asleep on the chairs even when I do get adequate sleep (I don't fall asleep when I'm on the computer). It's pretty stifling - the silence and all that, even though it's ideally free of distractions. Hm. I've studied in active classrooms too - when a teacher is teaching a class and when I'm studying my own things - that type of atmosphere might actually discourage me from doing such things (sometimes I've been very efficient in such environments although I don't want to be seen)</p>

<p>i usually go to class an hr+ early to use the computer</p>

<p>I really like doing that when I can.
I mainly do it when I have an oral presentation or a theatre scene to work on, since it's hard to find places where talking out loud by yourself isn't a problem...</p>

<p>I often study in empty classrooms when I just have one hour or so between classes and it wouldn't be worth to go someplace else to study.</p>

<p>I do that sometimes, I also like to arrive early to class to study some the day of the test if it's possible. You know, get a little bit of that "state dependent learning" in (if I'm remembering my PSYC 101 class correctly, maybe it was 'context' dependent learning). Also, empty classrooms make a great place to eat lunch as well.</p>

<p>Studying in empty classrooms, especially on the weekends, is a great idea. Libraries are too crowded and I can't find the motivation to work in my dorm (too much other stuff going on).</p>

<p>I feel wierd going into a random classroom (what if there was a class in there really soon?), so if I want to study then I go into the room my class will be held in. Since I currently have to commute to college I often sit in my car at the end of the parking lot where it is empty and then closer to time I get a real parking spot.</p>

<p>I've done it. When to a class at like 6am and studied until 9am, then took my quiz. Luckily for me there weren't any classes in the class until 9am.</p>

<p>vail, i think its environment dependent....state dependent works too..i guess</p>

<p>I think I will do this next year when I go to college. I read somewhere that it helps you absorb the information you are studying if you study in an area similar to the one that you will taking the test in.</p>

<p>At the school I go to, you can get robbed at gunpoint when studying in empty classrooms (seriously, happened twice last week). :(</p>

<p>What school is that, diehldun?</p>