Studying medicine.

Hi! I’m a senior high school student looking into studying Medicine in Germany. I want to be able to enjoy practicing my hobbies at the same time, like sports and photography. I hear a lot of horrible stories about how medicine students don’t get to see the light of day, or about how they don’t enjoy their lives for as long as they’re in college. This is scaring me and I wanted to ask if this is actually true, I don’t think I can ‘live to study’ for 6+ years…

Like a lot of things, it’s sort of true and sort of not true, and the balance changes by the specific situation and person.

Are you are person who will be able for a couple of years of big lecture classes with a high volume of work (including a lot of memorization) and exam-based results? If so, that will make the first couple of years more manageable.

But before going too far down that road: do you speak German fluently already? do you plan to practice medicine in Germany? if so, do you have the legal right to live there already?