Studying over the summer?

<p>Last year, calc II really kicked my butt. It was a lot of memorization that I only bothered to do right before the tests, so I passed, but only with a 2.0 in a 4-hour class, which sucks for my GPA because I did rather well in my other classes. Next semester, I'll be taking multivariable, and I was thinking about using the summer to study ahead, so that I'm at least a little more prepared for the class. Do yall have any good resource materials that helped you through the class (besides the textbook)? Or any advice on certain things to focus on?</p>

<p>My calc III teacher couldn't teach a worm to dig holes. I learned practically nothing until I found this</p>

<p>Pauls</a> Online Math Notes</p>

<p>Also, math should not be a subject revolved around memorization- at least not for calculus- but it's up to you. I recommend you to take some time and try to find correlations between the different things you're learning. Personally, this has worked for me.</p>

<p>Lastly, go over a lot of examples.</p>